AS 3660 - inbound calls (mica modems)

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by jaro, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. jaro

    jaro Guest

    Hi all,

    We have CISCO access router AS 3660 with 30 mica modem. I would like to
    use this modems for inbound and outbound calls.

    It is not problem to use modems for outbound calls. I just connect to
    the router using telnet to the dedicated modem (telnet router-ip
    6000+line). Then I can enter AT commands.

    But problem is with inbound calls. I can also connect to the dedicated
    modem using telnet. But when I try to make a call to this modem, I see
    on opposite side response 'BUSY'. Is it possible to configure this mica
    modems for inbound calls?

    Now I use for inbound calls 'autocommand connect' (see the
    configuration example bellow). But it is not very usable for me. I
    would like to connect to dedicated modem and wait for 'RING'. Can
    anybody help me?


    line 161
    exec-timeout 0 0
    timeout login response 0
    modem InOut
    modem autoconfigure type mica
    rotary 1
    autocommand connect 2701
    transport preferred telnet
    transport input all
    transport output lat pad v120 lapb-ta mop telnet rlogin udptn ssh
    autoselect during-login
    autoselect ppp
    jaro, Mar 17, 2005
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