Article: Revival of Dot com's?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by GaramChai, Jul 20, 2004.

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    The era of dotcom demise is being followed by a slow rebirth. Writing
    about the various sources of revenue for Web portals, Author explains
    why he continues to be surprised by the strength and resilience of
    businesses on the Web

    The dotcom revolution of the yore has all but vanished from our
    collective memories, replaced by the reality of the protracted tech
    slump and the ongoing slow revival. Though the e-commerce hype that
    was predicted is not likely to materialise, business magazines have
    been extremely gung-ho about the turning tide. Google's much awaited
    IPO is expected to be a turning point though other Internet
    businesses, including and eBay, have been posting steady
    profits. As an armchair observer of the trends during the nineties, I
    continue to be surprised by the strength and resilience of businesses
    on the Web. An aspect of the heady days of the Internet that is yet to
    really come to the fore is the atrocious valuation of online
    businesses, though many listed companies continue to be traded for P/E
    (Price/Earnings ratio) multiples of over twenty or thirty. Is this a
    realistic valuation, if not how else can one go about valuing online
    ventures is a question I have been deliberating.

    To set the stage for the debate, I will not take examples of any of
    the ‘biggies' like Yahoo or Google but a ‘small' portal I have been
    associated with. I wish to mention at the outset my affiliation with, the portal we will use

    Check out the two part feature on online portals and valuations:
    Revival of interest in Web portals
    Web commerce ventures

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    GaramChai, Jul 20, 2004
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