Arrange emails + posts by thread?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by URAQT2, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. URAQT2

    URAQT2 Guest

    How do I get Mozilla Thunderbird to arrange emails and posts in
    newsgroups by the threads they are in?

    When I click on View/Sort by the word Thread is grayed out. Since I
    follow only certain threads in the health related support newsgroups I
    need to be able to sort them accordingly. As it is now I am forced to
    scroll down through all new postings in each ng.

    URAQT2, Feb 22, 2004
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  2. Try View>>Messages, and choose Threaded. That should enable the option
    in the other menus.

    Leonidas Jones, Feb 22, 2004
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  3. URAQT2

    URAQT2 Guest

    It appears to work. However, when I am in it only
    works so long as I have all messages on. As soon as I change to
    view:unread it stops working and lists messages according to when they
    were posted.

    I will keep playing with it. I have only had Thunderbird up since
    yesterday. I am trying to get away from Netscape 4.79 since some
    websites won't even come up in it. Plus there are new features in
    Thunderbird that I really like.
    URAQT2, Feb 22, 2004
  4. Don't use the view box next to the search box, above the message list
    pane. Instead, click View>>Threads, to change from unread to read, or
    other options.

    Leonidas Jones, Feb 22, 2004
  5. URAQT2

    URAQT2 Guest

    Thanks again.
    URAQT2, Feb 23, 2004
  6. URAQT2

    Max O. Guest

    Keyboard shortcuts are useful when working with threads, "n" takes you
    to the first and next unread message, "t" takes you to the first unread
    message in the next thread. "w" watches the thread, "k" ignores the thread.

    This way you never have to "unthread" and can quickly find new messages
    buried in threads.

    Took me a couple of days to get used to as well.
    Max O., Feb 23, 2004
  7. URAQT2

    URAQT2 Guest

    I just tried your suggestion of typing "t" to go to the next posting in
    a thread in
    Rather than going to the next posting in the thread, it marked every
    posting in it as being read already and moved down to the next posting
    not in the thread based on when it was posted.

    I have done what Lee suggested, including doing it all from the View
    menu at the top. I can't get it to work in, which
    is the one that I read the most often.

    Rant of frustration follows:

    Why the heck don't they start standardizing the way they configure
    programs so when we upgrade we don't have learn how to jump through the
    hoops all over again?
    URAQT2, Feb 23, 2004
  8. The settings from the View menu on the menu bar must be made
    individually for each newsgroup you read (i.e., they are NOT global).
    This allows one to have different settings for each newsgroup.
    Irwin Greenwald, Feb 23, 2004
  9. URAQT2

    URAQT2 Guest

    I am very much aware of that. I did it too. Had to do the same thing
    when viewing newsgroups in Netscape 4.79.

    Point being, it doesn't work in a.s.d.
    URAQT2, Feb 23, 2004
  10. URAQT2

    Max O. Guest

    Yes, that's exactly what it's supposed to do ;)
    First we have to find out who "they" is, then we can tell them ;)
    Max O., Feb 24, 2004
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