Are USED Dvd titles starting to make an impact?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by tabernacle2002, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. I was wondering if anyone else is starting to think that used dvd
    titles are now starting to make a bigger impact in the marketplace?

    With a lifespan like 50 times that of VHS (tapes) it stands to reason
    that they would start to eventully show up in large numbers in stores
    that either deal in rentals (like Blah Buster) and in local and
    national music shops (that already deal in used CD titles) and on the
    internet (Ebay)!

    In fact just a couple of days ago I went into Hollywood Video and
    purchased three titles (still going for top dollar in the retail
    stores) for $25.00,and yesterday I went into a local music store that
    now deals in new and used DVD's and got 4 older
    titles(Flashdance,Wargames,The Firm,Core) in a buy 3 get 1 free deal
    that ended up costing me $4.15 per title.

    Of the seven discs all of them played like new discs,(in fact only one
    had a very minor 6mm long scratch on it, that at first I thought was a
    hair strand) and in fact the only way you could tell they were used
    discs was that the Hollywood titles had no inserts in the origional
    cases, and the music store cases had a postage stamp sized red sticker
    on it saying it was used.

    Now I know used is not for all people out there but for people like my
    daughter (who I am now building a dvd library for) with young grandkids
    soon to be running around the house (looking for the S___) I would feel
    a heck of a lot better if they ended up busting a used $5.00 disc than
    one I paid $19.99 for brand new?
    tabernacle2002, Jan 6, 2005
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  2. Personally I buy used DVD's all the time; but besides video rental
    places pretty much the only place you see them are independent shops.
    Unfortunately with independent shops, the price of a used DVD is often
    close to a new one at Walmart/Best Buy/Target due to economies of scale.
    Furthermore, frequently you can find an even better deal online.
    Regardless, I still prefer buying from an independent shop because
    besides the good feeling from "helping the little guy" I have had great
    results (I've never had an unplayable disc from an indep store, only
    from ones bought at Blockbuster). In my opinion, one of the best
    features of digital copies are the secondary markets; in addition to
    DVD's, I primarily buy my music CD's and video games used. I find it
    hard to justify paying $10 on iTunes for an inferior copy of the same CD
    I could buy used for less money. For music and movies I really like,
    I'll support them by buying new.
    Nicholas Andrade, Jan 8, 2005
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