Are there jobs in I.T. out there? In UK

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Eileen Foster, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. From looking on the M.C.S.E. newsgroup a lot of it says they're no longer
    looking to recriut people for I.T. jobs unless you have a few years
    experience as well as qualifications.

    Is this true if so were can you get experience or jobs which hire people
    with just certifications, as i'm starting to feel a bit worried about this.
    Eileen Foster, Jul 28, 2003
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  2. Eileen  Foster

    Peter B Guest

    Yes unfortunately this is true. I finished my A+ over a year ago and I'm
    still looking for employment in the IT industry. The problem is that so
    many people have certifications and even people that have degrees are being
    certified as well. So basically if all you have is a certification and no
    experience then your chances of finding employment are very slim. As for
    businesses that only hire people with just certifications, well I haven't
    met one yet. As I said there are so many people that want an IT job and
    more people on the way, businesses can pick and choose who they want unlike
    a few years back when they would employ people if they knew just how to
    switch one on. If you still wish to pursue a career in IT then it is going
    to be hard work. Your best bet is to ask a charity or voluntary
    organisation if they need help with their systems, that way you can get
    experience but this is often unpaid. I personally have given up trying to
    get an IT job and am instead applying for a job as a Policeman with Met
    Police. At the moment the UK needs trade craftsman/women such as plumbers,
    electricians , carpenters etc, they are often paid more as well. So ask
    yourself if IT is what you really want to do and if so are you prepared to
    work hard enough (to get experience unpaid voluntary) just to get a junior
    position with little pay compared to a few years ago?

    At the end of the day the decision is yours. I'm biased against IT because
    of my experience of trying to find a job, but hey, you could get lucky.

    Hope it helps.

    Peter B, Jul 29, 2003
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  3. Eileen  Foster

    SolarCarrot Guest

    Peter B is right, there are a lot of experienced IT Pros out of work at the
    moment, pay has decreased and employers are getting 100+ applications for
    entry level jobs. Having said that don't get too disheartened, keep doing
    your study and get your certs, do it for yourself and if you are determined
    enough you can do it, but it won't be easy, I was a Network Manager for a
    software company, we had a team of 4 and we were all made redundant, I was
    lucky and got a job straight away but the other 3 didn't, an Oracle DBA with
    15 yrs experience ended up taking a junior database admin role paying £18k !
    The other two are still out of work 9 months on. The IT industry is swamped
    with too many "paper" professionals who braindumped their way to MCSE and
    the like, and like Peter B says, graduates also struggle to find work and
    have certified also, it is not the goldmine training companies would have u
    SolarCarrot, Jul 30, 2003
  4. Eileen  Foster

    Peter B Guest

    I do think that training companies have played a part in the way the
    industry has gone. There are so many advertisements in the papers stating
    that you could earn up to x amount of money per week if you take one of
    their courses and of course everyone would like to earn that amount of money
    but in reality the jobs don't exist anymore and they are not paying anything
    like they used to. Also Mr Blair has paid a part when he urged people to
    take up occupations in IT and that we should all be so worried about the Y2K
    bug. So the industry is saturated with people who have certs, and there is
    nothing wrong in that, I myself am certified but now they are not even worth
    the paper they are printed on.

    So please think long and hard before making the jump as they dont come
    cheap. I'm praying for the day when the situation is reversed where there
    are too many plumbers/electricians and not enough IT staff.

    Good luck

    Peter B, Jul 30, 2003
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