Are special cables required for Gigabit ethernet?

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Trust No One®, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Hi Folks,

    I've treated myself to a Netgear 24 port managed gigabit switch and a cheap
    HP server for Christmas.

    I'm having problems obtaining Gigabit speed using certain patch cables. The
    speed negoitated on the switch port with these cables is only 100mb/s. The
    problematic patch cables are brand new 2m coloured ones (I luv these) and
    are labelled


    If I try forcing the switch port to 1000 Mb/s, it stays down.

    I've tried other "no name" cables and they work fine, with 1000 Mb/s being
    negotiated every time.

    So do I need special cables for Gigabit or do I have duff patch cables? I
    thought Cat 5 did Gigabit!
    Trust No One®, Dec 31, 2008
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  2. <snip>

    Looks like I need Cat5e or Cat6 cables to support Gigabit speed.

    I'll get my coat....
    Trust No One®, Jan 1, 2009
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  3. Trust No One®

    Stephen Guest

    you need 4 pair cables and the pairing needs to line up correctly.

    GigE 1000-Base-T ports test the cabling before allowing the port to be
    used, to make sure all 8 wires are connected.

    in theory you also need Cat5 or better - but for 2m anything better
    than wet string would work if the pairing was correct.
    Stephen, Jan 1, 2009
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