Apple. Is it true that no one can stand their latest op-sys?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by RichA, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. RichA

    Guest Guest

    700 million in october.
    237 million ios devices sold last year, all of which are capable of
    running ios 7.

    there are at least that many sold this year (it's another month until
    this quarter's results are announced), but based on the past 3
    quarters, that number will be quite a bit higher. to keep numbers
    simple, assume 263 million, for a total of 500 million in the past 2
    years, which is low.

    there are also a substantial number of ios 7 devices sold prior to
    that, namely the iphone 4.

    ios 7 adoption on the iphone 4 is not as high as with newer devices, so
    let's just use 500m (easy number) and 74% adoption, which gives 370
    million ios 7 users.

    a small number of them dislike it (can't please everyone) but overall
    reaction is *very* positive.
    android is free. google gives it away. google also gets 30% of sales.

    ios is not given away. it comes with a device, which includes upgrades
    to the os (and more updates than android gets).

    the issue is it's much harder (i.e., costs more) to develop for android
    and android users don't buy as many apps, lower ad revenue and not as
    many in-app purchases. the difference is huge.

    that's why ios is vastly more profitable and why apps almost always
    come to ios first.
    Guest, Dec 11, 2013
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  2. RichA

    Guest Guest

    'we'? you're all over the map so who knows what you're talking about,
    but the topic is ios 7 users, which includes iphones.
    Guest, Dec 11, 2013
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  3. RichA

    Guest Guest

    To be clear iOS7 includes users of iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, iPad 2, 3,
    4, iPad Air, and iPod Touch. So it is not just iPhone subscribers

    also the ipad mini and ipad mini with retina.

    ios 7 compatible devices are substantial number of devices.

    for android, there are still over 24% of users running gingerbread, 4
    versions back! those devices can't upgrade to kitkat or even jellybean
    and highly likely to not be able to do ice cream sandwich (might be
    possible with rooting it and a custom build but normal people won't
    ever do that).
    Guest, Dec 11, 2013
  4. RichA

    Me Guest

    people hate change, but the skeuomorphic crap had to go.
    Apple should be thanked for bringing that word to the fore. I guess
    most people knew roughly what it was - but didn't know the word.

    Perhaps it applies to cameras too. Nikon Df and Olympus OMD and other
    so-called "retro" designs, with use of purely electronic knobs and dials
    replicating "the look" of cameras from the distant past, which had those
    dials and switches in those places and functioning in such a manner -
    not because this was the best and most ergonomic manner for a camera to
    work - but because of the limitation that some mechanical connection was
    needed between the dial and internal mechanisms in the camera.
    Me, Dec 11, 2013
  5. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    Then you also know which apps I had. Each and every pone of them.
    PeterN, Dec 11, 2013
  6. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    Exactly where.
    did I say it was Apple?
    PeterN, Dec 11, 2013
  7. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    So now I am accused of using your tactics. IC
    PeterN, Dec 11, 2013
  8. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    Yes I shall cut down on my replies to the trolls.
    PeterN, Dec 11, 2013
  9. RichA

    Guest Guest

    Apple should be thanked for bringing that word to the fore. I guess
    most people knew roughly what it was - but didn't know the word.[/QUOTE]

    actually, they should be chastised for overdoing it.

    nothing wrong with making an app look nice, but they went way the hell
    overboard. having leather stitching is ridiculous.

    the new look is rather spartan, but it's a lot better than what came
    before it and it *completely* misses the improvements under the hood.
    it's just styling and wanting to target a niche.

    some people are accustomed to the interface they grew up with and hate
    change, despite the new way being better and more accurate.

    apparently nikon thinks there are still some laggards who haven't yet
    bought a digital camera and when they see one that looks like what they
    used to have, they will.
    Guest, Dec 11, 2013
  10. RichA

    Guest Guest

    almost every post.
    yes, it looks like you did say apps.

    *very* few apps notify about an upgrade.

    not that it changes anything. you wanted the notifications so it gave
    them to you. if you didn't, you would have disabled them.

    in other words, it did what you asked it to do.
    Guest, Dec 11, 2013
  11. RichA

    Guest Guest

    if i'm attacked by people who twist and lie about what i say and argue
    just to argue, then they can expect it to come back at them.

    unfortunately, such threads end up running for 1000s of posts, drowning
    out the useful stuff.
    Guest, Dec 12, 2013
  12. RichA

    RichA Guest

    Said the fanboy who named himself after a guitar?
    RichA, Dec 12, 2013
  13. RichA

    RichA Guest

    RichA, Dec 12, 2013
  14. RichA

    RichA Guest

    The fact people are only TOO happy to DUMP 8-12 month old products for new ones indicates one of two things:
    -They find the current products lacking and therefore they are not happy and HAVE to have a new one.
    -They have some mental issue and NEED to dump and buy a stupid PHONE every year.
    RichA, Dec 12, 2013
  15. RichA

    Guest Guest

    why do you give a shit what someone else buys and they *don't* buy a
    phone every year anyway. people are usually tied to 2 year contracts,
    sometimes even 3 year contracts.
    Guest, Dec 12, 2013
  16. RichA

    PeterN Guest

    simple to do. Ignore
    PeterN, Dec 12, 2013
  17. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    Whisky-dave, Dec 12, 2013
  18. RichA

    Mr. Strat Guest

    And the funny thing is, I play either an Explorer or Les Paul Custom
    these days.

    But at least I know what I'm talking about.
    Mr. Strat, Dec 12, 2013
  19. RichA

    Robert Coe Guest

    : In article <>,
    : > > > Kind of like Nikon's latest firmware update that apparently killed off
    : > > > the ability in some of their cameras to use 3rd party batteries.
    : > >
    : > > probably because those batteries were not up to spec in one way or>
    : > > another.
    : >
    : > It's possible, but years of experience has proven that isn't the case with
    : > all alternative batteries. They sell alternate battery brands in reputable stores as well.
    : some are ok. some aren't.

    Sure, and why would one take the risk? If you're shooting an event and your
    battery craps out, you'll miss shots while you change it (in addition to the
    shots you missed while figuring out what the problem was). I carry two cameras
    and three spare batteries, which cost, I believe, $80 each. If I had bought
    three Brand X batteries for half as much, I would have saved $120. A good 77mm
    circular polarizer costs more than that.

    Robert Coe, Dec 14, 2013
  20. RichA

    David Taylor Guest

    On 14/12/2013 05:47, Robert Coe wrote:
    Why? You've already given the answer - cost. It's not the money as
    such, although that is important, but the feeling that selling a $15
    battery for $80 is excessive profiteering.

    Not to mention the lack of standardisation which means that, unlike your
    filter which can be used on any 77 mm lens, each new camera often
    requires a different battery, meaning that those expensive extras you
    bought last time are now redundant. Accepted that if you only buy a new
    camera infrequently, the batteries will be approaching their life's end,
    but it is still a pity that there is not more standardisation. At least
    the EU has given us more standardisation in mobile phone chargers and leads!
    David Taylor, Dec 14, 2013
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