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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Socrates, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    Hello -

    We have produced a digital stills camera for use with Apple computers
    than can take sequential snap shots of the camera scene at timed
    intervals for cctv purposes. We call the camera the Apple

    The quality of the images produced by the camera are unsurpassed, and
    avoid the problems of interlacing and fuzzy pixelated quality which is
    so common to video camera recordings, and which is the bain of law
    enforcements organisations around the world.

    Millions of video cameras are installed at numerous locations around
    the world for the purposes of CCTV - yet not one of them can produce a
    clear enough image sufficient for identifiction purposes! This is
    because video signals become distorted and pixelated once they are fed
    into a windows-based pc via a video capture card, and the results are
    even worse when time-lapsed video recorders are used for storing film
    footage. Video cameras -whether analogue or digital - are only able
    to capture incomplete 'fields', whereas digital stills cameras work by
    capturing a whole frame and all the details in any camera scene.

    The limitations of using video cameras for cctv purposes is readily
    appreciated by visiting America's Most Wanted website at
    Not a single suspect on that extensive website can be identified from
    any of the cctv images taken from scene-of-the-crime recordings.

    Apple's crime-busting digital stills camera can take clear sequential
    snapshots of the camera scene at timed intervals from 1 - 3 snapshots
    per second - which is more than sufficient to help identify any person
    in the camera's field of vision. The camera has automatic exposure to
    adjust for sunshine and low light conditions, with a good depth of
    field to capture excellent digital still images.

    The images taken with the Apple Crime-Buster camera are downloaded
    automatically on the fly for saving to the Apple Mac as sequential
    date and timed images, in crystal clear quality. Images can be saved
    in jpg or tiff format and the software can also upload copies
    automatically to a remote server for back-up storage.

    Apple's technology in digital imaging and the Apple Mac's superior
    grahics interface can now be used for the benefit of communities
    around the world. Apple's Crime-busting digital stills camera will
    make obsolete the cctv video cameras now installed in millions of
    properties around the world, and will stimulate a new and untapped
    demand for Apple computers in the residential and commercial sectors.

    If I can asssist further, please let me know."

    The above message has been sent to Apple on 27th July 2004 - I hope it
    will not be 2040 before the technical bods at Apple begin to think
    about making the product described. This idea is open to any other bod
    working at any other company except Nassa. They have already produced
    such a camera and sent it to Mars, although there is nothing on Earth
    currently available for us mortals.

    Yours faithfully,

    John Aidiniantz
    Socrates, Jul 27, 2004
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  2. Socrates

    Malcolm Guest

    Hope this helps. You could interface these to an Apple computer (or a Linux
    computer, or a Windows computer, or a. ..)
    Malcolm, Jul 27, 2004
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  3. Socrates

    Socrates Guest

    Hi - both companies sell ip cameras which are useless for cctv
    purposes as the image quality is lousy. Look at the image results on
    their own websites: an exterior image allegedly taken at 297 kb...hmmm
    you wouldn't be able to store such footage on a continous basis - and
    the interior shot of the shop taken with the same type of camera - you
    can't even see the salesman's face clearly while the other objects are

    A cheap digital stills camera costing $100 would have captured
    everything in the camera scene with clear quality.

    Using IP and video cameras for CCTV purposes is a step back in time.
    We need to move forwards! - that's why using a digital stills camera
    connected to a pc or mac is the way to go.

    John Aidiniantz
    Socrates, Jul 28, 2004
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