AOL9 and Win 98

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Jim A, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. Jim A

    Jim A Guest

    When I connect to AOL 9 using their connect interface, I connect
    but at random times, the software closes, with an error message, "Your
    software has encountered problems. Please wait while I retry." (or
    something to that effect.)

    The dial-up connection does not appear to have been interrupted. When it
    automatically retries, it successfully reconnects--usually within 3 or 4
    seconds. There is no second dial-up squeal as there was when I initially
    dialed up, so the connection appears to remain.

    Any suggestions as to what might be the problem? I previously had version
    7. Before I installed a later
    version (version 9), I uninstalled the previous version before installing 9
    Is this an OS problem, inadequate RAM problem, or a problem with AOL

    The system is Windows98 SE provided by DELL, 128 Mb of RAM, AOL 9.

    Any ideas would be welcome,
    Jim A, Jan 15, 2004
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  2. Jim A

    Harrison Guest

    There was known bug with AOL 9 and Windows 98.
    I ran into a few months back when working with a client.
    A Google for AOL Windows 98 bug.
    I uninstalled 9 and reinstalled 8, and all was OK again.
    Harrison, Jan 15, 2004
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  3. Jim A

    SgtMinor Guest

    Can you tell me more about this 'known bug?' I have a direct interest
    in this as I'm running 98SE and have a basic AOL account for backup. I
    use AOL 4.0 and want to upgrade but I remembered reading that some
    previous version had screwed up/disabled broadband setups during
    install. As I'm on cable and don't want screw-ups I did some research
    into 9.0 downsides and couldn't find much. What seems to be the
    SgtMinor, Jan 15, 2004
  4. Jim A

    Boomer Guest

    It's been 10 days now. You've not gotten a reply?
    I wonder what the 'bug' was.
    Boomer, Jan 24, 2004
  5. Jim A

    fkasner Guest

    AOL 9 is resources hog! It requires if all parts are loaded that you
    have about 85% resources available in Windows 98SE or ME. It just won't
    run very well if you have a lot of things that load at startup. Of
    course you can reboot and then close down lots of programs so allow the
    resources hog to run. I suggest that if you have to run AOL (as I do
    because I help students with science problems) that you get a copy of
    their version 8. It will run with considerably lower resources available
    than will version 9. AOL is a very poor system but if you have to have
    it ...
    fkasner, Jan 24, 2004
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