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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Factual Info, May 1, 2004.

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    Their own lawyer is a liar and hypocrite and dealers in disgusting
    obscenities on the www. Here is proof!
    This is an item that shows, with proof's, that AOL (UK) is an ISP that
    employs a liar and hypocrite at its head offices at AOL (UK) 80,
    Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UD. This person is Nity Raj, a lawyer.


    On 26th April 2004 Nity Raj had his name taken out of a web site that
    showed him to be that sites legal advisor. This web site shows the
    following and much worse besides is

    About Nity Raj and what he condones.

    I believe the web site attempts to be funny. I think the majority of
    people will find this site truly disgusting beyond belief. The address
    of this web site is:

    Click on the item titled "Back Issues" to get these items listed

    1. The character assassination of Prince William, (Click on the item
    called "Jinx News", then on the item called "Divine Blessings." There
    is a picture of Prince William dressed as a tramp. The wording in this
    article amounts to libellous and degrading remarks. Prince William is
    told to ‘EAT SHIT!'
    2. There is picture of the protected species "The Manatee". The
    wording here is about having sex with one of these animals. Is this
    funny or disgusting!
    3. There are the character assassinations of the people who appeared
    on Big Brother 3. I really believe that the author's courage in
    writing these remarks are done because he thinks he will not face the
    people he slanders and libels.
    There is the brutal degrading wording on an old age pensioner. This is
    at the item called "Old Sponger Dies." It is nothing but an attack on
    a 71-year old age pensioner now deceased. Where is respect for the

    · The web site is full of foul language, misquotes, pictorial
    obscenities, sex with animals wording, necrophilia portrayed, famous
    film persons portrayed pictorially having anal sex together and
    children's cartoon characters shown in a true vile and disgusting
    manner. Even I do not have the courage to tell you what is shown
    there. In all my life I've never seen children's cartoon characters
    portrayed in this particularly vile and disgusting manner! Nity Raj,
    AOL lawyer condones all these on this site!

    At the item "Jinx Sex", there is the pictorial depiction of Penis Sex
    into someone's ear. It goes on to show necrophilia where someone jumps
    on top of a dead female, and..(One must ask oneself, is this funny or
    is it disgusting beyond belief)? It goes on to show even more
    obscenities as "Poo Tennis", totally unfunny. It shows someone eating
    chips where the chip is inserted inside someone's anus before it is
    eaten. Is this Funny? Keep clicking on Next at Jinx Sex until one
    comes to the item where a Mr Kubrick and Stephen Spielberg are shown
    having anal sex. It isn't funny at all. One of the children's cartoon
    characters from Scooby Doo is shown, (I can't describe it how it is
    portrayed, what is shown is unnatural in the extreme.). It's just
    The Lawyer who oversees this web for its legal content was mentioned
    in the "Credits" page. This lawyer, "Nity Raj". Now he is shamefully
    ducking and diving and has had is name taken out of the site. However,
    I captured it by screen shot before he had it taken out.

    If you're with AOL! AOL is like a closed off community, you may feel
    such a thing is safe. It's all about THEM CONTROLING YOU, they control
    what you see and they use this control to sell you what they want!
    Every woman on AOL is hit on for sex by men they would probably find
    disgusting if they knew what they were really like.
    has the courage to display incidents where young 13-year old girls
    have received unwanted sexual pictures and other attention from the
    men who spend their time in chat rooms with sexual names in the adult
    section of AOL. You've got to be a fool to think that these men (or
    women) don't come out of these sexually named chat rooms and try it on
    with AOL youngsters.
    Do you really believe those adverts on the UK Television?
    Factual Info, May 1, 2004
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