AOC 19" LCD - Comments Please

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Mackin, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Mackin

    Mackin Guest

    I'm thinking of getting one of these 19" AOC monitors.

    The specs seem to be fairly good as is the price. I'm not into gaming so
    the monitor will be for general computing only.

    I'm interested in any comments anyone has about the quality and relability
    of AOC monitors.

    Mackin, Jun 27, 2005
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  2. Mackin

    Rob Guest

    You would be better with a Dell 1905FP 19" UltraSharp LCD Monitor for just a
    little bit more.
    Rob, Jun 27, 2005
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  3. Mackin

    Mackin Guest

    Why would I be better off with a Dell?

    Is the Dell 6 bit or 8 bit colour depth? The specs on their web site doesn't
    seem to say. And the Dell has a slightly slower response time.

    I'm not being antagonistic, I am just interested in your reasons for saying

    Mackin, Jun 27, 2005
  4. Mackin

    Rob Guest

    The dell has some really good reviews, has pivot feature, and although it
    has slightly slower response time, it is supposed to have good colour. I
    doubt you would notice any different between 20ms and 16ms anyway. It also
    has good height adjustments, a built in usb hub and I think it is better
    looking than many other screens. I believe it does have 8 bit colour
    capable of 16.7 col from what I have read from this article . It is supposed to
    use the samsung LTM190E4 8 bit panel in it.
    I am not actually sure that the AOC has 8 bit colour, even though it says it
    does on the ascent website, as lcds with 16ms response rate or less tend to
    specify being 16.2m. AOC to me is always a budget brand, ebven though I have
    heard that they made good CRTs.
    Personally I would never buy a LCD with speakers in lcd housing, as they
    never sound very good, and they make it look ugly.
    I am also on the lookout for a good 19inch, with excellent colour
    reproduction and so far the dell is at the top of my list, although I am
    also looking at the new sony and apple lcds. I would have gone for philips,
    but they are now only 16.2 m colours.
    Rob, Jun 27, 2005
  5. Mackin

    Adam Guest

    I've said it here before, but take a look at the CMV equivalent.
    Don't know how it compares price-wise (mine was cheap) but it's a
    surprisingly good monitor.

    My CM-922D is pretty slow (apparently) and I have it hooked up to my
    work machine with a DV cable. I installed WolfET on it as a test and
    it runs *great*. Maybe the DV inputs help. Needless to say,
    productivity has taken a dive <LOL>.

    Adam, Jun 27, 2005
  6. Mackin

    Tony Guest

    If its 19.2 colours its 6 bit, if its 19.7 its 8 bit..
    Tony, Jun 27, 2005
  7. Mackin

    Mackin Guest

    Thank you for stating the obvious Woger, but like I said, the Dell site
    doesn't say what the colour depth is for that monitor.

    Mackin, Jun 27, 2005
  8. Mackin

    Rob Guest

    Rob, Jun 27, 2005
  9. Mackin

    tiddlywink Guest

    Brief review on it in latest NZ PC World, they do a comparison of 19" LCD's
    tiddlywink, Jun 27, 2005
  10. Mackin

    max barwell Guest

    I have an AOC 17" LCD, not the latest model however, but I reckon it's
    great, and can't beat the price, I think the model I have is $300 now.
    I have heard/read good things about CMV monitors too, and they are really
    cheap aswell, good response times etc.

    max barwell, Jun 27, 2005
  11. So 2 bits give you an extra half a colour?
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jun 28, 2005
  12. Mackin

    Tony Guest

    No they use Dithering,..

    You only get 262k Colours, the rest are generated buy Dithering..
    Tony, Jun 28, 2005
  13. Mackin

    AD. Guest

    Only if it's Wogers 2 bits. They aren't worth as much as anyone elses 2
    AD., Jun 28, 2005
  14. Mackin

    Mackin Guest

    Thanks Rob,

    I will definitely take a closer look at Dell monitors.

    BTW, do you know what their pixel warranty is? I can't find any info on the
    Dell website.

    Mackin, Jun 28, 2005
  15. So were you wrong to quote a greater number of colours for 8 bit?
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jun 29, 2005
  16. Mackin

    Tony Guest

    What are you on bout..?

    Seems that you just don't know as usual..

    Go read up on it, and stop making a fool of yourself..
    Tony, Jun 29, 2005
  17. First you said

    Then when I asked about the 2 bits giving you the extra half a colour,
    you said

    I understood the "No" to mean there was no extra half a colour. In which
    case your original arithmetic must be wrong, must it not?
    Ah, a veritable suppository of information, as usual...
    Lawrence D'Oliveiro, Jun 30, 2005
  18. Mackin

    Sc00ter Guest

    Two bits won't even get you a decent cigar these days!
    Sc00ter, Jul 6, 2005
  19. Mackin

    Jerry Guest

    It's been a long time since two bits would get you a good cigar, if ever.
    Jerry, Jul 6, 2005
  20. Mackin

    SCO0T3R Guest

    I know, even Stogies (Conestoga) cost more.
    It was a line I read in a book years ago and have been looking
    for a chance to use it. <G>
    SCO0T3R, Jul 9, 2005
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