Anyone who has a Sony RDR-GX7 Please contact me, thanks

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Joe, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Joe

    Joe Guest


    I just got a Sony RDR-GX7 and I would like feedback from people that
    already own one. Specifically I'm having problems recording to DVD-RW
    disks. I have Ritek DVD-RW disks but the recorder won't format them.
    I get an error message saying 'Disk is dirty" with every disk I try.
    DVD+RW disks work fine. Have not tried DVD-R disks yet. Any advice
    on what brand of media you have had success with would be appreciated.



    Please remove the spam busting $ in my
    e mail address to reply via e mail..Thanks
    Joe, Jul 6, 2004
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  2. Joe

    rob moody Guest

    they dont record dvd-rw discs.
    rob moody, Jul 7, 2004
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  3. Joe

    Bob Guest


    Go to the store and buy some Sony -RW disks. If you still have a problem
    then call Sony.
    Bob, Jul 7, 2004
  4. Joe

    Joe Guest

    On Wed, 07 Jul 2004 02:18:26 GMT, "Bob"

    Thanks I did, they worked :))
    Please remove the spam busting $ in my
    e mail address to reply via e mail..Thanks
    Joe, Jul 7, 2004
  5. TDK 2X DVD-RW work fine on my RDR-GX7.

    Ronnie Pincus, Jul 7, 2004
  6. Joe

    John Winn Guest

    Hello group,
    Hope you don't mind me tagging on the end of this thread..I just
    bought the Sony RDR-GX7, and one of the many reasons is I read it has
    variable bitrate recording..I thought that meant like the Panasonics,
    that if I had it set on SQ, and chose to record a program that was
    2hrs25mins that the machine could be set to slightly change the
    bitrate to fit the content..I have read the manual back to back and
    find no mention of this anywhere nor have figured out how to do
    it..The only thing I see is if you program a timed event that is over
    the time allowed on the quality you have selected the machine will
    automatically select the proper setting..For instance I tried it just
    recording Sci Fi channel..Set the timer on SP, and the time for 2.15
    hrs..The recorder changed the setting to LP and the record quality was
    not so great...Did I misunderstand the specs that I have read
    everywhere?? Any help would be greatly appriciated..I can be
    contacted directly at:

    jonjon (DOT) winn (AT) mail (DOT) utexas (DOT) edu

    Thanks everyone!!
    John Winn, Jul 10, 2004
  7. Joe

    rob moody Guest

    hmm, the panasonics can definitely do what you want, why did go sony??????

    panny e-100 rulz
    rob moody, Jul 11, 2004
  8. Erm... no. I think you've fundamentally misunderstood what variable
    bitrate recordings is!

    VBR means that the bitrate of the recording is *constantly* changing
    in response to the requirements of the programme being recorded - ie
    assigning high bitrates to scenes with lots of fast movement and
    assigning low bitrates to talking head shots etc. This results in an
    increase in recording quality compared to a fixed bitrate system with
    the same amount of recording space.

    The Panasonic machines may well use constant bitrate or they may use
    variable bitrate, I don't know. But the basic point is that VBR has
    absolutely nothing to do with any system designed to fit a
    'non-standard length' programme onto a disc. I'm afraid that you
    probably should have done a bit more research first if that's the
    facility you needed.

    On the plus side, however, the quality of the recording on the GX7 is
    superb and the discs it makes are very stable and interchangeable with
    other machines.


    The Doctor Who Restoration Team Website
    Steve Roberts, Jul 11, 2004
  9. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Well after finally figuring out that the type of disks make all the
    difference the Sony RDR-GX7 makes great recordings. The quality in
    SP is almost undetectable from HQ. I'm not sure what the advantage
    to recording in HQ would be.

    The media that worked for me were Sony -RW and Fujifilm -R and -RW.
    Ridata -RW gave me error messages and unformatable disks. Anyone with
    recommendations on media the have successfully used would be of great



    Please remove the spam busting $ in my
    e mail address to reply via e mail..Thanks
    Joe, Jul 12, 2004
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