anyone using the kodak 8500 sub dye ?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by IRISH1EAR, Sep 8, 2003.


    IRISH1EAR Guest

    i went from using a canon s9000 to the kodak sub dye 8500 model .

    reason being the s9000 printed out some excellent picures but for longevity
    purposes i wanted to go with a subdye .

    i do mostly action sports shots and will see the people i sell the pictures to
    every season .

    the s9000 prints out much better clearer (lighter) pictures than the kodak 8500
    which come out alot darker .

    we are starting to do alot of portrait work to and want to offfer some great
    pictures , just not happy with the darkness .

    ive been in touch with the kodak people trying different things , brightness
    adjustments , gamma settings etc and was wondering if anyone here has any
    experience with the kodak 8500 and can offer some tips ?.
    IRISH1EAR, Sep 8, 2003
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    Alan F Cross Guest

    I'm getting variable colour fidelity with mine, and am looking for a
    means to profile it. You may be having the same problem.

    In the meantime you might like to tweak Colour Adjustment under
    Properties in the Print dialogue. You can tweak brightness, contrast,
    gamma, and the RGB channels.

    I tried adjusting 'Transfer' also in the Print dialogue (on the Page
    Setup panel), but it had no effect whatever I set it to.
    Alan F Cross, Sep 11, 2003
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