Anyone using Plusnet in UK, couple of questions?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Kenny, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Kenny

    Kenny Guest

    Considering moving to Plusnet broadband from Tiscali dialup but am confused
    as to what I would be paying and what I would be getting.
    The basic package is £14.99 monthly, that's straightforward.
    Then there's a choice of USB or PCI modem, which do I go for and do I need
    any extra filters?
    Then there's a £70.50 activation fee, is this and the modem cost added to
    first month's payment and are both these liable to VAT?
    It 's unclear whether the spam and virus filters are included with the basic
    package and whether I would have access to binary newsgroups, at present I
    don't with Tiscali.
    The "contact us" on their site doesn't work unless you are already a member,
    even after signing in as a guest and I can't find these answers on their
    Finally for anyone using Plusnet are you happy with it?
    Kenny, Jun 6, 2004
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  2. Kenny

    Dominic Guest

    1. Get a USB modem if you are not comfortable with opening your machine up
    to install a PCI one
    2. You need a filter on each telephone device on your line including
    telephones, fax machines, Sky boxes
    3. The activation fee and modem cost are usually charged immediately upon
    signing up, and I think those amounts include VAT.

    Not sure about spam filters or newsgroups, but if you ring sales (0845
    1400200 24 hours, 7 days) they will tell you.

    I hope this helps.

    Dominic, Jun 6, 2004
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  3. Kenny

    James Mourby Guest

    1) Modem choice is personal preference, there are issues with some =
    motherboards and usb modems not working correctly, but again, if you =
    have 2 pc's that aren't networked and you want to use both on broadband, =
    it is easier to move a usb modem between computers. You may also not =
    have enough PCI slots left to physically install a modem? Its up to you =

    2) As far as the old packages went, there is an option to pay the modem =
    and activation charge straight away or over a period of 12 months (if =
    you choose the annual contract anyway) - this means a higher monthly =
    payment for 12 months but its not quite as hard on the wallet as paying =
    in one go. -- When you sign up you should be presented with a choice of =
    options (again, this is based on the older packages which has changed =
    VERY recently)

    3) With the package you get everything at the bottom of this page =
    This DOES include newsgroups, spam filters, email virus protection, =
    webspace and all the usual stuff. =20

    4) Yes i'm happy with it, they have had problems with their newsgroups =
    since they tried to roll-out a new server which had a few problems so =
    its gone back to the old system. You can check of any problems here = (which i beleive you can get =
    to if you sign in as a guest). As for connection problems, I've had 2 =
    maybe 3 in 16 months of useage, which normally is due to BT =
    problems (effecting ALL providers).

    5) if you DO signup, i would be very grateful to use my username =
    "mourby" as a referer. I should get woooo a few pence off my bill each =
    month :p (Woo go me! I might buy a boat!)


    Home Page:
    Blur Discography:
    James Mourby, Jun 6, 2004
  4. Kenny

    Kenny Guest

    Kenny, Jun 6, 2004
  5. Kenny

    Rich Guest

    This looks to me a terrible package, Only 2gb a month? Do you know how quick
    you will reach that limit!!!!
    Rich, Jun 7, 2004
  6. Kenny

    Bill R Guest

    To save you doing the calculation ...

    2GB / (512Kb/sec) = just over 9 hours at maximum download speed :(
    Bill R, Jun 7, 2004
  7. Kenny

    James Mourby Guest

    I'm guessing though that they aren't really a powerful downloading user.
    The basic £14.99 plusnet one only comes with 1GB per month.
    (Athough the 2gb ones is about £16.49)
    James Mourby, Jun 7, 2004
  8. Kenny

    hummingbird Guest

    Do the *=* chars at the end of each line of your post come
    free of charge with PlusNet.?
    hummingbird, Jun 7, 2004
  9. Kenny

    James Mourby Guest

    Technically yes... thanks to me pressing "reply" and not "reply to group" so
    i had to cut n paste and take from html to plain and blah blah blah blah.
    and i couldnt be bothered to take them out. Although i could of find and
    replaced but... hey ho.
    James Mourby, Jun 7, 2004
  10. Is the use of asterisks where quotation marks are appropriate a feature
    of Agent?
    Blinky the Shark, Jun 7, 2004
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