Anyone using NAM on Cat6500 ?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by jmark, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. jmark

    jmark Guest

    I'm intereseted in purchasing a NAM2 module for cat6k. I'm looking for a
    couple of answers and also some experiences about this piece of hw;
    strengths, pros, cons etc.
    If I understood correctly, this module is some linux/solaris server packaged
    as a catalyst module and connected to a backplane of cat6k and is pretty
    much like attaching some fancy sniffer that collects all traffic from
    some/all vlans/ports and can do real time analysis of data by printing nice
    If I understood, monitoring with NAM is configured like other span sessions,
    except destination span port is some internal Gb port that represents NAM
    (like on IDS blade).
    I know this is a great tool to have on some remote locations, so I can sniff
    traffic without actually connecting laptop with sniffer but I would be using
    it on central location (it is pretty expensive to install it on remote
    offices, which by the way don't have cat6k).
    Also I have read that this module can be used as netflow anayzer for netflow
    data exports from other routers.
    If so, what would be the point of buying dedicated netflow tools like Cisco
    Netflow collector and Netflow analyzer ? Are those netflow export files
    saved on a disk of a NAM so I can extract some specific sessions that
    happened 2 days ago (for example, who connected to a mail server yesterday
    between 10:00 and 10:15). If I want to export files from routers, would I
    use NAM or buy a full blown netflow solution with collector and analyser
    installed on separate server.
    I have read, that NAM has intergrated web server so I can connect to and
    watch graphs, statistics, trends etc. Do I need some extra software for full
    producitvity ?
    I'm not sure what extra value is added by using nGenius Real Time Monitor
    (that is bundled with
    Cisco Works LAN Management Solution).
    Except from buying module itself and nGenius Real time application which I
    already have, what would I need for a decent solution.
    I' like to hear your opinions about NAM.

    jmark, Apr 5, 2004
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  2. jmark

    Hansang Bae Guest

    Correct. Not sure what OS it's running but it is a server on a blade.

    Also correct. You span the VLANs or ports to the NAM module.
    The problem is that its buffer capability is pretty limited. We will
    use the NAM for Netflow collection (does a decent job of that) and
    perhaps pinpoint sniffing at the backbone. But for centralized
    sniffing, we opted to use NetVCR from Niksun. Gig's and gigs of buffer
    space and is a terrific tool!

    See above.
    Haven't used any of the above you mentioned. Another group is looking
    at the collector that runs on Solaris, but so far, the NAM solution
    looks good for operational troubleshooting of the network.

    I *believe* the data can be exported to a SQL server, but I haven't
    gotten that far. We use Niksun for historical data so I haven't played
    with it much.

    Nothing at all. You can console in from the switch to do basic setup.
    Once that's done, you log in via the Web and it's pretty easy after
    We also use nGenius as well. The problem with nGenius was that we were
    using it for serial/DS3 links. With IPSec it pretty becomes useless.
    And the disk space limitation was so severe that we couldn't keep much
    historical data. The nice thing was that it was FR-aware and could sort
    out the DLCIs. We created something similar on the NAM where we created
    DLIC like naming so our Ops folks could quickly find the branch they
    want to look at.

    NAM is easy to use and fits nicely into the 6500 switch. My problem is
    that it's buffer space for sniffing is limited considering the backplane
    capacity of the switch.



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    Hansang Bae, Apr 6, 2004
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