Anyone uses Speedtouch 510 with Cisco ATA 186 (Vonage)?

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Olivier Travers, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. I'm trying to hook my Cisco ATA 186 provided by Vonage to my Alcatel
    Speedtouch 510 ADSL modem/router/DHCP server/firewall/switch. The
    Cisco box requires DCHP to be on (you can't assign it a static IP),
    and a number of UDP ports to be opened. It's supposed to work behind
    NAT by design.

    I've turned the Speedtouch's DHCP server on, and indeed the Cisco's
    voice admin interface (through the phone plugged into it, using the
    80# command) reports that its assigned IP is (set up
    through a DHCP server lease with infinite TTL so that I can use it as
    if it was a static IP address -- the Cisco was also able to get a DHCP
    server lease when I removed the permanent record I had created for
    it). I've set up udp forwarding rules at the NAT level, and I opened
    the necessary ports in the Speedtouch's firewall but the Cisco device
    still doesn't seem to connect to the Internet. I don't get a dial tone
    on the phone, nor does it ring when I call my Vonage number (I get my
    voicemail instead).

    If anyone can help me put together that setup successfully, your
    advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I've spent hours researching this
    issue without success, and I must add I'm not a exactly a networking
    wizard! Yes my phone is plugged into the Cisco's phone port #1. Yes I
    can access the internet with my PCs through the same modem/router. Yes
    my account is said to be active in Vonage's account web interface.

    I've not opened the full 10000-20000 udp range since my modem doesn't
    let me open ranges but rather single ports. I've opened and
    NAT-forwarded ports 10000-10010, port 20000, as well as the other
    necessary udp ports for tftp, ntp et al. (53, 69, 213, 5060, 5061).

    For the record, my Ethernet and WiFi LAN is managed through a Linksys
    BEFW11S4 AP (plugged into one of the Alcatel's Ethernet ports=) but
    that part is not involved at all right now (i.e. I plugged the Cisco
    into the Alcatel and DCHP is turned off on the Linksys) so I don't
    think it could be related to my Vonage problem. I've tried to turn off
    the AP since my 5.8GHz AT&T5830 apparently also uses the 2.4GHz range,
    but that didn't change anything.
    Olivier Travers, Sep 5, 2003
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  2. Hi ;)

    If you try to put your PC with dhcp, could you access the internet ? The DNS
    give by dhcp are good ?(I don't know if vonage use ip or dns name for the
    sip proxy)...
    You tried to "disable" the firewall to see if it's a port problem ?
    Sorry for my english ....i'm french. I had some troubles to make my ata
    working fine, i just forwared 5060port and 10 other ports for the voice
    look at it :
    "The key with getting the NAT problem solved on the ATA-186 is to forward
    the SIP port: 5060 to the IP address assigned to the IP phone and then to
    forward the media port range 16384 to 16391 to the IP address assigned to
    the IP Phone. The Cisco 7960 requires the media port range of 16384 to 32768
    to be fowarded to the IP Phone. "
    If it can help you ....

    Julien PELISSIER, Sep 7, 2003
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  3. Olivier Travers

    Olle Guest

    All those problems could be avoided by the use of SIP enable
    We are using an IX66 with both ATA186 and 7960 and it works fine
    especially (
    together with the SIPCall service. There is a SIP PBX inbuilt that
    dynamically controls the opening/closing of the firewall's
    ports.(could also be use at your own SIP server.)
    Might be an alternative!
    Olle, Sep 9, 2003
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