Anyone use the Sybex books?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by jetter2, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. jetter2

    jetter2 Guest

    Hey all.

    Heres the funny part. I ordered my Sybex CCNA book and read it cover
    to cover.

    Yet certain things like NAT'ing aren't covered in much detail.

    Is it worth it just to go get the Cisco Press stuff and read thru
    that, or just keep taking the practice exams untill I can pass the
    damn test?
    jetter2, Apr 15, 2007
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  2. jetter2

    Trendkill Guest

    Granted I haven't taken a CCNA exam in 6 years, but there is NAT on
    CCNA? For real? I know there is some configuration and basic/
    intermediate routing and switching, but NAT? I'd check the Cisco site
    that details exam subjects and coverage.....I didn't see it on the
    site myself when I just checked...
    Trendkill, Apr 16, 2007
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  3. jetter2

    jetter2 Guest

    Yeah man, they made the cisco exam an assload harder from what it used
    to be. Back about 3 years ago the exam was 10x eaiser. I took a boot
    camp for it back then and passed the thing with a 960, re-took it on
    saturday and made an 810.
    jetter2, Apr 16, 2007
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