Anyone know what this error No means?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ian field, May 28, 2010.

  1. ian field

    ian field Guest

    Outlook Express could not post your message. Subject 'Re: Turdzilla.',
    Account: '', Server: '', Protocol:
    NNTP, Server Response: '441 Posting Failed (Rejected by POST filter)', Port:
    119, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 441, Error Number: 0x800CCCA9
    ian field, May 28, 2010
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  2. ian field

    Meat Plow Guest

    Rejected by POST filter means it doesn't like something in the message
    body maybe MIME, UUE,, something.
    Meat Plow, May 28, 2010
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  3. ian field

    ian field Guest

    A google search didn't turn up much except a few BBs with other people
    asking the same thing.

    One had the suggestion to rename outbox.dbx to outbox.old, but search found
    the only occurence of outbox.dbx in the recycle bin.

    The other suggested a server hang up that usually corrects itself if left
    for a while - this seems to have been the case.

    ian field, May 28, 2010
  4. ian field

    Meat Plow Guest

    Oh ok the server just didn't like the entire message. Well for a period
    of time that is.
    Meat Plow, May 28, 2010
  5. ian field

    ian field Guest

    Seems to be OK again now.
    ian field, May 28, 2010
  6. ian field

    chuckcar Guest

    441 would be the actual server rejecting your message. As for no error
    message, I find that extremely strange, but certainly not without precedent
    for OE. OE has an annoying habit of removing the actual error message and
    substituting it's own internal ones. It can be a) line too long b) posting
    to a non-existant or restricted newsgroup.

    Or in simpler terms, you post was rejected because the server simply can't
    post the message. *Not* the same as too many groups without follow-up to
    header, it's just not possible at all. The name of the actual group you
    were posting to would help too however.

    If you want the full wordy version look here, specifically in 2.4.2
    chuckcar, May 29, 2010
  7. What part of "441 Posting Failed (Rejected by POST filter)" doesn't
    qualify as an error message in your bizarro microcosm?

    And what part of "Error Number: 0x800CCCA9" is not an error message?

    In reality one is a generic error message from the server, the other an
    Outhouse Express error message stating the same.
    ʇÉәɯ ÊoႨd, May 29, 2010
  8. ian field

    thanatoid Guest

    =?utf-8?B?dcmQya8gyZDJpcmUyofEscmQcMmQyp4=?= <>
    wrote in
    Now THAT's a LOT better!


    knicker bandit : n. Raider of washing lines; Daz back doorstep

    When I used to live in the dorm, I would find panties ALL over
    the place - hallways, lawns, not to mention floors of laundry
    rooms... It was amazing. I amassed quite a collection.
    Unfortunately, try as I did, I could not develop a proper
    fetish, they were just taking up a lot of space and I ended up
    throwing them all out.

    Of course, it is no easy matter to be polite; in so far, I mean,
    as it requires us to show great respect for everybody, whereas
    most people deserve none at all; and again in so far as it
    demands that we should feign the most lively interest in people,
    when we must be very glad that we have nothing to do with them.
    - Arthur Schopenhauer
    thanatoid, May 29, 2010

  9. to be expected, nothing new from this coffin dodger.
    Mad as a Box of Frogs, May 29, 2010
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