Anyone good at debugging DSL problems? (DSL: Defect: LOS LOF LCDf: retraining)

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Richard Antony Burton, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Can anyone give any explanation of the following? Had a lot of disconnects
    recently (I think this is what they look like, only just enabled the
    logging), and I would like to have something I understand (to an extent) to
    tell the ISP.

    Also, do you know what debug option I need to enable to see the link come
    back up? (Options I have set are listed at the bottom.)

    01:08:19.554 Europe/: DSL: Defect: LOS LOF LCDf: retraining
    01:08:19.554 Europe/: DSL: Received response: 0x41
    01:08:20.550 Europe/: c820_atm_check_linkstate_periodic: PHY line is going
    01:08:20.550 Europe/: Shutting down ATM0...
    01:08:20.550 Europe/: ATM0 c820_atm_shutdown: state=0
    01:08:20.550 Europe/: pquicc_sar_stop...
    01:08:20.550 Europe/: c820_atm_stop_receive...
    01:08:20.806 Europe/: pquicc_sar_rx_disable...
    01:08:20.806 Europe/: Disable TX Cav ....
    01:08:20.806 Europe/: Disable RX Cav ....
    01:08:20.806 Europe/: Disable PD[15] and PD[14] ....
    01:08:20.810 Europe/: c820_reset_vc: conid = 0
    01:08:20.810 Europe/: c820_reset_vc: conid = 3
    01:08:20.810 Europe/: Resetting ATM0
    01:08:20.810 Europe/: Changing vc 0/38 vc-state to ATM_VC_SHUTTING_DOWN
    01:08:20.810 Europe/:
    01:08:20.810 Europe/: c820_atm_teardown_vc: vc = 81AE7BBC, vpi = 0, vci = 38
    01:08:21.006 Europe/: delete_vc_rings: conid = 3
    01:08:21.006 Europe/: trafficshaping_entry_del: vpi = 0, vci = 38
    01:08:21.010 Europe/: Changing vc 0/38 vc-state to ATM_VC_NOT_IN_SERVICE
    01:08:21.010 Europe/: PPPATM: ATM0.1 0/38 [0], Event = Down Pending
    01:08:21.038 Europe/: PPPATM: ATM0.1Sub-encap Error
    01:08:22.002 Europe/: PPPATM: ATM0.1 0/38 [0], Event = Down Processed
    01:08:22.002 Europe/: PPPATM: ATM0.1 0/38 [0], Event = Disconnecting
    01:08:22.002 Europe/: PPPATM: ATM0.1 0/38 [0], State = DOWN
    01:08:22.002 Europe/: PPPATM: ATM0.1 0/38 [0], Event = Vaccess Down
    01:08:22.006 Europe/: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Virtual-Access2, changed
    state to down
    01:08:22.006 Europe/: %DIALER-6-UNBIND: Interface Vi2 unbound from profile
    01:08:22.054 Europe/: DSL: SM: [DMTDSL_SHOWTIME -> DMTDSL_RE_OPEN]
    01:08:22.054 Europe/: DSL: Send ADSL_CLOSE command.
    01:08:22.054 Europe/: DSL: Sent command 0x4
    01:08:22.550 Europe/: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface ATM0, changed state to down
    01:08:22.550 Europe/: c820_atm_lineaction(ATM0): state=DOWN
    01:08:22.550 Europe/: c820_atm_stop_receive...
    01:08:30.082 Europe/: DSL: 3: Modem state = 0x8

    Debug options:

    router#show debugging
    Generic ATM:
    ATM events debugging is on
    ATM VC States debugging is on
    ATM errors debugging is on
    PPP over ATM events debugging is on
    PPP over ATM errors debugging is on
    PPP over ATM states debugging is on
    PPP over ATM trace debugging is on
    PPPATM elog events debugging is on
    PPPATM elog periodic debugging is on
    PPPATM elog ppp debugging is on
    PPPATM elog sss debugging is on
    PPPATM elog detail debugging is on
    PPPATM elog all debugging is on
    PPP authentication debugging is on
    PPP protocol errors debugging is on
    PPP Negotiation Elogs debugging is on
    Incoming Telnet debugging is on
    Asynchronous interfaces:
    Async interface state changes debugging is on
    DHCP client activity debugging is on

    Condition 1: interface Di0 (1 flags triggered)
    Flags: Di0
    Condition 2: vc 0/38 AT0 (1 flags triggered)
    Flags: ATM VC
    Richard Antony Burton, Dec 17, 2003
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  2. Richard Antony Burton

    JC Guest

    LOS probably indicates a physical line problem. Could be a number of things
    including a poor cross-connect causing a short, moisture in the line, or a
    possible interference issue. Call the telco and have them run a check on
    the line. They should be able to put a line tester on it to determine if
    there are any issues.



    JC, Dec 18, 2003
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  3. Richard Antony Burton

    phil~~ Guest

    #sh ds int atm 0
    Globespan G.SHDSL/SDSL Chipset Information

    Equipment Type: Customer Premise
    Operating Mode: G.SHDSL Annex B
    Clock Rate Mode: Auto rate selection Mode
    Reset Count: 1
    Actual rate: 1288 Kbps
    Modem Status: Data (0x1)
    Received SNR: 41 dB
    SNR Threshold: 23 dB
    Loop Attenuation: 9.9830 dB
    Transmit Power: 13.5 dBm
    Receiver Gain: 5.7800 dB
    Last Activation Status: No Failure (0x0)
    CRC Errors: 0
    Chipset Version: 1
    Firmware Version: R1.5

    The reset count should be stable, if you need more information
    ask your isp the information in the dslam, Alcatel Eci and Lucent
    can report this type of information

    You can also check/debug EOC protocol which is similar to OAM
    in ATM, it is really the heart of Adsl

    phil~~, Dec 18, 2003
  4. Unfortunatly I don't have a reset count!

    router#show dsl interface atm 0
    ATU-R (DS) ATU-C (US)
    Modem Status: Showtime (DMTDSL_SHOWTIME)
    DSL Mode: ITU G.992.1 (G.DMT)
    ITU STD NUM: 0x01 0x01
    Vendor ID: 'ALCB' 'ALCB'
    Vendor Specific: 0x0000 0x0000
    Vendor Country: 0x00 0x0F
    Capacity Used: 57% 35%
    Noise Margin: 10.0 dB 25.0 dB
    Output Power: 20.0 dBm 12.0 dBm
    Attenuation: 39.0 dB 25.0 dB
    Defect Status: None None
    Last Fail Code: None
    Selftest Result: 0x00
    Subfunction: 0x15
    Interrupts: 681 (1 spurious)
    Activations: 6
    Init FW: embedded
    Operartion FW: embedded
    SW Version: 3.9.220
    FW Version: 0x1A04
    Thanks, I'll see if I can enable logging for this component.

    Richard Antony Burton, Dec 18, 2003
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