Anyone else using homeplug equipment?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Terry Olsen, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Terry Olsen

    Terry Olsen Guest

    I've got a small home network set up in my office. I've been contemplating
    running cat5 out to my garage for a while but never got the will to actually
    get up and do it.

    Then I ran across GigaFast's HomePlug solution, running ethernet thru home
    power lines. I bought a few of the devices on ebay. I have the PE903-EB
    hooked up to my router. I tried the PE901-UI and the PE909UI units (both
    USB versions) in the garage and they worked great. But what I really wanted
    to do was hook one up to my wireless access I needed to get
    another ethernet version. So I bought Netgear's XE602. Plugged it in a
    nearby wall socket to configure it, it worked fine. Took it out to the
    garage and got no connection. So I figured it might be "incompatible" with
    the GigaFast units. Then I bought a GigaFast PE902-EB and put it out in the
    garage. Still no connection. I tried them in several outlets around the
    house. Some work, and some don't. Here's what I have found:

    The USB models work fine in every outlet, including the garage. The
    ethernet models only work in certain outlets around the house. I also found
    that each unit requires it own configuring software...or, the software for
    say the PE902-EB does not work on the PE903-EB. And the software packages
    don't play with each other. So I have to uninstall one configure software
    to install another.

    I'm wondering what other people's experiences are with HomePlug....
    Terry Olsen, Aug 8, 2004
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