anyone else having problems with

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by breather, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. breather

    breather Guest

    Normally they deliver next day. I ordered two weeks ago, payment was
    taken but order is still showing up as processing, they haven't answered
    emails or webform mail, and I can't get through on their fax number or
    by phone. Is anyone else having problems with them??
    breather, Feb 20, 2007
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  2. breather

    why? Guest

    Hey what's up they care about thier customers
    Dear valuable customer,
    I have recently upgraded our order processing and logistics system using
    MS Navision. During the implementation of this software we have
    experienced unforeseen problems with regards to picking orders for

    You as our customer are extremely important to us and we have therefore
    put extra measures in place to ensure all orders are manually handled to
    expedite the process.

    You may not want to check this out before ordering (oops) , search for consumer

    Aria Technology Returns, Where do I stand? - Consumer Action Group
    AJH, General Consumer Issues, 3, 10th July 2006 00:31. -
    Faulty Graphics card 17 months old, intersimi, Other Stores, 7, 8th June
    2006 23:10 ...
    - 84k - Cached - Similar pages - Review - But it was a birthday present!!!
    Read 48 reviews for and make a good deal. ... I did the usual
    angry consumer thing, emailed Watchdog and Trading Standards. ... - 39k - Cached - Similar pages : Read reviews and compare prices at
    .... Tv’s etc, the choice of shopping sites for the consumer has never
    been better! ... (+) Pretty good website (-) Awful customer
    service, ... - 36k - Cached - Similar pages
    [ More results from ] - Retailer information - Pricerunner
    Read consumer reviews (1) · Write your own review ... Name,
    Head Office Address, Aria Technology. Aria House. 2 Belle Vue Avenue.
    Pottery Lane. ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages

    Gaming PC Advice [Archive] - AV Forums
    Don't buy your system from ... Last I heard they had rather a
    lot of trading standards cases pending against them. ... - 12k - Cached -
    Similar pages

    Help choosing and building a PC [Archive] - AV Forums
    Advise that you do a Google search for: overclockers +"trading
    standards" ... Look out for todayonly on scan and
    deal for today on aria. - 9k - Cached -
    Similar pages
    [ More results from ]

    why?, Feb 20, 2007
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  3. breather

    breather Guest

    Do they have more disgruntleds than any other online retailer?? I've
    heard a lot of complaints about Ebuyer for example but have bought a lot
    from them without significant problem.

    I've used Aria quite a few times without problem for years including a
    recent return which they handled very efficiently.
    breather, Feb 20, 2007
  4. breather

    why? Guest

    Wouldn't know, haven't counted.
    Despite postings, don't know anyone that has and I had only 1 minor
    issue with ebuyer.
    Makes a change then. I generally reject 99% of online retailers no
    matter what price how good things look like for the bigger more well
    known places.

    why?, Feb 20, 2007
  5. breather

    breather Guest

    The CS people don't seem to bright though. I got an email quoting my
    request that they refund me and cancel the order AND telling me they
    would dispatch the order when a certain item came into stock (an item in
    stock when I ordered and which they have charged me for over two weeks ago.

    Also worrying is the fact that the fax number they list on their site
    (0161 225 7445) has been unobtainable for a few days now . . . and that
    the CS number still gives a message about high volumes of calls and
    answering shortly - even if you ring it in the early hours . . . sounds
    like more than label printing problems.

    What other companies would you recommend?? I've been happy with Ebuyer
    on the whole, but using Aria a bit as they had things Ebuyer didn't.
    breather, Feb 23, 2007
  6. breather


    Mar 10, 2011
    Likes Received:
    problems with aria

    warrenem4, Mar 10, 2011
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