anyone can solve my issue

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Abdul, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Abdul

    Abdul Guest

    Dear All

    Can you help in solving this issue "See the message below"

    JRM is not installed

    Jul 26, 2004, 6:11am PST

    Dear all

    Hello While I'm upgrading my CW CD one 4th Ed to 5th Ed popup massege
    appears and indecates that the patch for JRM is not installed and this
    may effect my schedule job
    So how can I install this patch and is it good if I proceed in
    upgrading or install it and then upgrad it


    Jul 26, 2004, 6:30pm PST
    Assuming that you're doing a local upgrade, depending upon the OS, see
    the section 'Installing the Patch':

    Jul 26, 2004, 11:49pm PST

    I did step one and two this is an output

    List of files to be patched :
    DisableJobs.class --> lib/classpath/com/com/cisco/nm/cmf/jrm
    Installing new files...
    New DisableJobs.class copied to
    Patch finished
    CMF2.x patch installation process completed

    In doing step three what is the <install_directory> in command below
    or what the format would be

    cwjava -cw <install_directory>

    Thank you
    Abdul, Aug 2, 2004
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