Anybody got the D300 yet? Or is it in stock?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Sosumi, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Sosumi

    Sosumi Guest

    In Europe no sign in sight of the promised 23 november. I think Nikon is
    notorious about being late...

    Is it really anywhere in stock in America?

    Other thought: I live in Portugal, but my sister lives in Washington. She
    just send me some Nikon flashes in a package I had send to her from Amazon.
    They don´t ship to Europe.

    So she send it by First class (airmail, whatever it´s called) but nothing
    special. She marked it as GIFT and worth about $40.-
    No problem, got it in a week.
    But if I would order the D300, it´s a little bit big of a gamble. Is there a
    way to insure it, without putting the (true) value on the package?
    Just dreaming I think ;-))
    Sosumi, Nov 24, 2007
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  2. Sosumi

    Don Wiss Guest

    Yes. It arrived at the dealers on Wednesday, which was the 21st. Mine was
    shipped to me on Wednesday, but Thursday was a major holiday and my dealer
    said UPS was not delivering on Friday. So mine was sent to my office, and I
    will see it on Monday.

    They have started appearing on eBay. The first was listed by Cameta Camera
    on midday Wednesday with a 24 hour auction length. It sold for $2325.
    Prices have since been coming down. I paid $1800, which is the list and
    going price.

    I asked my dealer about the D200. His reply:

    According to my rep., they're going to keep it for a while (I think so
    they can keep the D300 price up there.)
    But, realistically, it will probably be gone by March.

    Don <> (e-mail link at page bottoms).
    Don Wiss, Nov 24, 2007
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  3. Sosumi

    Jakeowe Guest

    A shipment came into the Pacific NW at local photo store. Preorders were
    not even all filled. More coming but don't know when.
    Jakeowe, Nov 25, 2007
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