Any VOIP Provider offering incoming Cyprus Numbers

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by TheDragon, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. TheDragon

    TheDragon Guest

    Hi Group,
    As per subject. Moving from Cyprus to Germany soon, and would love to keep
    in touch with friends made here in sunny Cyprus. So would love to have a
    Cyprus landline number linked to a VOIP connection.

    I have goggled and come up with nothing. Sipgate dont offer it (Have UK
    number with them already)

    Any help appreciated, even if it cost a small fee.
    TheDragon, Feb 7, 2009
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  2. Maybe too expensive (£10.34/month) for your usage, but does:

    You can choose from the following cities: Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia and

    - Herbert
    Herbert J. Skuhra, Feb 7, 2009
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    shows Cyprus twice. Have a look at those.

    I have no experience with any of the providers listed, but I know is a very good source of information about voip.

    Koos van den Hout
    Koos van den Hout, Feb 7, 2009
  4. TheDragon

    mymail Guest

    Sipgate Don't offer any kind of reliable service.
    mymail, Feb 7, 2009
  5. TheDragon

    TheDragon Guest

    Yes a little prices, just so a couple of friends can keep in touch. May have
    to just do without.
    TheDragon, Feb 8, 2009
  6. TheDragon

    Soruk Guest

    While it doesn't give your own number, GizmoProject (
    1-747-xxx-xxxx numbers have an iNUM mapping (, and iNUM have a
    break-in number in Nicosia. Callers would have to then dial your
    15-digit(!) iNUM number, which would then ring through to where your
    Gizmo connection is.

    If your Gizmo number is 1-747-123-4567, your iNUM is

    I had to use their client to create the account, but once done I could
    register (using SIP server the connection to my
    Asterisk machine.

    This is all free, but has the downside of needing to dial that 15-digit
    number into a break-in service.
    Soruk, Feb 9, 2009
  7. TheDragon

    TheDragon Guest

    Will give that a go, its better than nothing
    TheDragon, Feb 10, 2009
  8. TheDragon

    Soruk Guest

    Don't know why I missed this - Tpad ( also have a break-in
    number in Cyprus (also Nicosia), and their numbers are 7 digits. Unlike
    Gizmo you can sign up via the web, then put the details into your
    ATA/Asterisk/softphone app (server is, but they do offer a
    softphone for download.

    Back to Gizmo, the Betamax VoIP services now route to iNUM numbers, and
    at least on and InterVoip, they're free. The Finarea
    callthroughs don't (yet) list them.
    Soruk, Feb 12, 2009
  9. TheDragon

    TheDragon Guest

    Thats certainly a good start. The service actually works too. I have tested
    TheDragon, Feb 12, 2009
  10. TheDragon

    Soruk Guest

    You might have already noticed - it no longer works.

    Due to low use, some numbers have been withdrawn.

    Looks like it's back to iNUM/Gizmo and a sore finger after dialling a
    huge string of numbers.

    I spotted this as I was giving a friend in Estonia my Tpad number, only
    to find the access number dead and a forum search revealed that post.
    Soruk, Mar 29, 2009
  11. Steve Hammond, Mar 29, 2009
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