Any Thoughts on Energizer CH1HR Charger?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by a2zxyz5, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. a2zxyz5

    a2zxyz5 Guest

    Walmart carries this 1 hour charger for under $30 including 4 1850mAh
    batteries. The price certainly seems good. Any horror stories
    regarding this charger that I should be aware of before purchasing?
    For me, the pros are (1) the 1 hour charging, (2) the compact,
    light-weight design, and (3) the 4 seperate circuits. The cons that
    make me hesitant are (1) will the 1 hour high charge rate just trash
    the batteries over the next month or two? and (2) the lack of a
    conditioning mode to drain/refresh the batteries.

    For an extra $15, I can get the Maha C204F from Thomas Dist. It comes
    with 8 1800mAh batteries vs. the 4 energizer batteries. It also
    includes the little plastic battery holders (are these really that
    important?). And of course, it charges the batteries at a much
    gentler 500mAh rate vs the 1800mAh rate used by the CH1HR, and
    includes a conditioning mode. Not sure how they compare in weight.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    a2zxyz5, Jul 12, 2003
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  2. a2zxyz5

    Paul H. Guest

    I've been using the Energizer NiMH 1-hour charger for nearly a year and have
    not had a single problem. The one-hour charge time is as advertised, I
    haven't trashed a single set of the four sets of AA's or the three sets of
    AAA's I routinely use with the charger, and I haven't noticed any service
    problem which might be related to the lack of a deep-discharge/conditioning
    feature. I highly recommend the charger and $30 seems like a good price (I
    paid around $35 for mine).

    I use a lot of batteries, both in my digital cameras as well as in my
    wireless headphones, and even if the Energizer charger did reduce the
    effective life of batteries by as much as 50%--which it does NOT-- I would
    still use it for the one-hour turnaround time. I can't imagine ever going
    back to a three or five hour charging cycle. Brrrr! Gives me cold chills
    just thinking about it.

    I've had no experience with the Maha charger, so I can't help you there.

    Hope this helps.
    Paul H., Jul 12, 2003
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