Any suggestions on how to break a computer for insurance claim??

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Robin Goodfellow, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on how to wreck a computer
    for an insurance claim, I am thinking that coke might be the best option.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Robin Goodfellow, Aug 18, 2003
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  2. Robin Goodfellow

    Cubzilla Guest

    Take the comp to a scrap yard, ask them to crush it while you are holding on
    to it.
    Cubzilla, Aug 18, 2003
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  3. Robin Goodfellow

    slumpy Guest

    "So, Mr Slumpy you *really* are the perpetual comedian, aren't you ?" I
    threw back my head and roared with laughter as Robin Goodfellow continued:
    Never encountered a computer with a drug problem, though I /have/ got
    wrecked on it myself many times ;-)
    slumpy, Aug 18, 2003
  4. Robin Goodfellow

    Kraftee Guest

    Pure & simple all you need is a flight or two of stairs (you was
    carrying it for a purpose other than to drop it wasn't you), all the
    better if you do some damage to the wall as well (a gouge or two
    should be enough)...
    Kraftee, Aug 18, 2003
  5. Robin Goodfellow

    paul s Guest

    Narcotics wont have much of an effect on a computer.
    This is insurance fraud innit??
    paul s, Aug 18, 2003
  6. Robin Goodfellow

    paul s Guest

    I suppose if the OP used the coke himself, he could probably wreck the
    computer without thinking about it.
    paul s, Aug 18, 2003
  7. Excellent suggestions all of you, thanks very much.

    I thought this newsgroup had lost its sense of humor.
    Robin Goodfellow, Aug 19, 2003
  8. Drug addict as well as an alkie, eh spankard? That explains a great

    zar 2k3 - ULC Reverend
    Certified Word Police Officer - Details Detail
    NuMbEr Tr3#3!!!!11! on a lits...
    Monsignor Larville Jones MD, Aug 20, 2003
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