Any prep for Conficker Judgement Day on April 1st

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by davy, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. davy

    davy Guest

    Is it only Microsoft /IE that this concerns or are there any steps to
    take to safeguard Mozilla products?
    Or is it another hoax?
    davy, Mar 29, 2009
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  2. davy

    johnn Guest

    Hi Davy:

    Of most people who give answers here, I am probably the least
    qualified to do so.
    However, your question made me curious, and I googled "conficker"
    [which you could have done (-; ]

    I think it is a Windows problem - not a browswer problem (If I'm wrong
    here, I'm sure someone will correct me).

    One of the betst answers (IMHO) I found was here:

    Good Luck! Stay healthy, and remember:
    Abstinence is the best defence agains viri (sp?)!


    "God is dead"
    -- Nietzsche (1844-1900)
    "Nietzsche is dead"
    -- God
    johnn, Mar 30, 2009
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  3. davy

    Mike Jones Guest

    Responding to davy:

    To be accurate, the "targets the Microsoft Windows operating system" line
    should read "affects The Microsoft Windows Operating system which is
    (still, after all these years,) vunerable to such malicious coding

    The original wording serves to support the regularly debunked idea that
    the only reason Windows suffers with so many virus\malware\spyware
    problems is simply because it is heavily and disproportionately targeted.
    In fact, its because it is (still!) so amazingly vunerable to these

    Hope this helped.

    Further reading (FWIW)...

    ....and so on.
    Mike Jones, Mar 30, 2009
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