Any opinons on the CanoScan 9900F?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Michael Beacom, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. Hi-

    Anyone have any opinons on the CanoScan 9900F?
    I'll be using it to scan film- 35 mm and 120 negatives and slides.

    A dedicated film scanner that will scan 120 film sell for something like
    4 times the price.

    Will a 3200 dpi flat bed scanner, like the 9900F, generate the same
    quality scan as a 3200 dpi dedicated film scanner?

    Thanks for your help,
    Michael Beacom, Aug 15, 2003
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  2. Michael Beacom

    snaps! Guest

    I had and sold one of these scanners.
    There is not much wrong with the quality of scans other than being locked
    into Canon's scanning application which does it's own thing, regardless of
    what you want it to do. The really important thing from your information is
    how long it will take to scan film. 120 film at that.

    Canon promote this scanner as a professional device. OK. They also promote
    it's ability to scan at 48 bit. Quite apart from the fact that PhotoShop
    elements which comes with the scanner can't handle such files with any
    degree of surety... To scan a 6x9 cm negative at 3200 dpi using USB 1.1 will
    take 25 minutes. With USB 2.0 or firewire the scan time will come down to
    about 15 minutes per frame! Hardly what I'd call professional.

    Canon Australia's answer?
    Switch off 48 bit scanning. Don't scan at such a high resolution. "You can't
    expect to get much productivity from one of these scanners if you insist at
    running at it's maximum capability." Oh goody. I got rid of mine the next
    day. I bought an Epson 3200 "Perfection" scanner which comes with silverfast
    software and allows you to use other scanning applications. It's not much
    faster at scanning film but... It's worlds better at letting you control
    what's going on and handles under exposed negs way better than the Canon.

    I got so fed up with the plan I had to scan a few rolls of film a week and
    get high class digital prints that I bought a Canon 10D camera. At it's
    best. low cost film scanners are finicky, hard to use devices plagued with
    dust and other defects. If you absolutely have to have scans of film... Pay
    a Pro lab to scan your negs. If you just though it would move you into the
    digital darkroom era... Forget it, buy a digital camera.

    I've used medium format cameras for 20 years. I've had 35mm SLRs all through
    that period. Digitals are not all that easy to get professional results from
    but once you learn how they stuff up otherwise good shots, you'll learn to
    avoid those situations and truly have a digital darkroom.

    snaps!, Aug 15, 2003
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  3. Michael Beacom

    David R Guest

    Follow Up

    I failed to mention that my first scan was done using Vuescan 7.6.57.

    I just rescanned with the same settings but this time I used the Epson
    Scan Software 1.20A. My Scan time was 17 minutes 8 seconds and my
    processing time was about 22 seconds.

    This is interesting. Vuescan was over all the fastest but it took a
    while in the processing. Epson only took about 22 seconds after a
    long scan time.

    The Vuescan photo looked slightly better.
    David R, Aug 23, 2003
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