Any one having problems with Ulead, via Element5 ?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jack-of-the-Dust, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Since Ulead went with (Element5) to handle sales and service I have
    noticed a direct downfall in customer service. I have used Ulead's
    PhotoImpact since version 4 and am currently with XL and am pleased.
    I wished to upgrade my CD Picture show 2 to the latest CD/DVD
    Pictureshow 3 and purchased the boxed version. I have recieved a
    defective CD along wiht another program that also will not install as it
    will not accept the serial number supplied.
    Uleads Tech Support has been rewsponsive, but unable to help fix the
    They tell me that Element5 will supply me an ftp address to download the
    CD. This is hardly a fix considering I am on a 56K ISP.
    However Element5 has yet to answer let alone answer the phone.

    IO would avoid software sold via this company until they improve. I know
    I will never make another purchase via their service.

    Jack-of-the-Dust, Oct 8, 2004
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  2. Jack-of-the-Dust

    Steve West Guest

    I've used ulead photoimpact for many years now, but have never been
    impressed with their tech support. I've written many questions over the
    years, and only once received a decent response. However, that has not
    stopped me from continuing to run the program since I like it very much and
    I do use the simple web page builder because it works the same as the photo
    editor which I already know. I just purchased PI 10 for download via
    element 5, and all went well. I like versions 8 and 10 far better than XL,
    so I'm glad that v10 has come out. XL had squirrely behavior and was never
    completely stable on my XP machine, but both 8 and 10 are completely stable.
    Ulead CS was absolutely no help with sorting out the problem I was having
    with XL.

    Come to think of it though, almost all computer tech support for programs
    and hardware really sucks. Netgear tech support was the most horrible thing
    I have ever encountered. The only good tech supports have been for my high
    end programs at work like MATLAB or optical design, etc. I've come to
    expect no decent tech support for home.

    One extreme disappointment I had with PI 8 and XL was very slow computing
    performance (e.g., unsharp masking a 4 MP image was quite slow). This has
    been fixed in PI 10, and it's very peppy with my 4MP images now :) I really
    love the ulead shadow-midtone-highlight adjustment with the output line
    displayed with the image histogram--it's worth it for this alone!

    Steve West, Oct 9, 2004
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