Any Minolta/Sony users using UFRaw and GIMP?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jeffery Small, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Jeffery Small

    PeterN Guest

    Which ones?
    PeterN, Apr 17, 2014
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  2. Jeffery Small

    Guest Guest

    who said anything about taking photos when asked not to?

    why do you resort to lies?
    Guest, Apr 17, 2014
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  3. Jeffery Small

    Guest Guest

    the concepts are.
    Guest, Apr 17, 2014
  4. Jeffery Small

    Tony Cooper Guest

    Not Martin Evening? For LR? That's the one I have.

    I quit buying books, though. The books I already own have all the
    basics, and online tutorials cover the new stuff well enough. A used
    copy of Evening's book on LR4, which is a fraction of the price of a
    current book, would be nice to have as a basic reference. Then use
    online tutorials for the new features. Most of the new books are 90%
    what was in the old books anyway.
    Tony Cooper, Apr 18, 2014
  5. Jeffery Small

    Guest Guest

    i haven't read anyone's books on lightroom. it's not really that hard
    to figure out, especially coming from photoshop. the camera raw part is
    basically the same, the organizational parts are fairly obvious, and
    that is most of the app's functionality. the web, print and slide show
    modules are handy if needed but not that important in most use cases.
    i don't buy books anymore either.

    most of the info can be found online, although not necessarily in one
    place and sometimes requiring a little effort in finding exactly what
    you want.

    however, for those who want books, the above authors are my
    Guest, Apr 18, 2014
  6. Jeffery Small

    Guest Guest

    they're books, not videos.

    i've read at least one from each of them and i've also read marguilis'
    book and some of what kelby has written but not a book.

    marguilis is also the person who insisted that there was no advantage
    to editing in 16 bit. i don't know if he still thinks that.

    katrin is also a *very* entertaining speaker.
    Guest, Apr 18, 2014
  7. Jeffery Small

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Apr 18, 2014
  8. Jeffery Small

    Sandman Guest

    Classic unsubstantiated claim. Please quote nospam claiming that his
    workflow was previously ineffective, please. Merely claiming stuff won't
    get you anywhere.
    Best endorsement I could get.
    Sandman, Apr 18, 2014
  9. Jeffery Small

    Sandman Guest

    Was that supposed to be intimidating? Seriously? What are you, four years
    Sandman, Apr 18, 2014
  10. Jeffery Small

    Sandman Guest

    You have to consider that Tony for one has a serious agenda towards nospam,
    so why would nospam expose himself willingly to any opinion from Tony,
    seeing how Tony's opinions about anything nospam ever does is negative? If
    nospam says anything, you can be sure to find Tony to claim that nospam is
    wrong and it's the other way around - regardless of the initial claim. If
    nospam claimed the sky was blue, TOny would scream it is green.
    Sandman, Apr 18, 2014
  11. Jeffery Small

    Sandman Guest

    Classic willful misinterpretation
    Sandman, Apr 18, 2014
  12. Jeffery Small

    Guest Guest

    it doesn't.

    from "color management for photographers: hands on techniques for
    photoshop users" by andrew rodney, page 53:

    Editing in LAB: I have nothing against the LAB color model. However,
    there are a group of people who feel that editing in LAB is the only
    way to accomplish specific corrections, making it sound like a macho
    editing space. It is true, there are a few correction techniques that
    rely on a document being in LAB color space. The question becomes
    whether its worth taking the time or worse, producing image
    degradation to convert from a working space to LAB and back. Every
    time a conversion to LAB is produced, the rounding errors and severe
    gamut mismatch between the two spaces can account for data loss,
    known as quantization errors. The amount of data loss depends on the
    original gamut size and gamma of the working space.


    Some users are under the impression that Photoshop does all its
    conversions to and from LAB, converting on-the-fly. this is untrue as
    it would greatly slow down performance. Instead, Photoshop uses LAB
    as a reference when conducting many operations. Photoshop is not
    actually converting pixel data between color spaces unless you, the
    user, actually ask for this. None of these issues should be
    interpreted as implying that a conversion from working space to LAB
    is bad. Just be aware of the issues involved with this kind of
    conversion and whenever possible, try to use similar techniques that
    can be conducted in the RGB working space.
    Guest, Apr 18, 2014
  13. Jeffery Small

    Tony Cooper Guest

    No agenda at all. It's strictly reactionary. You do know "agenda"
    means "a plan of some sort"? I can't very well have an agenda
    regarding what might be posted in the future.

    When he says something that needs reined in, I react.
    No, I would say that the sky has no color. Rayleigh scattering can
    give it the appearance of blue, though.
    Tony Cooper, Apr 18, 2014
  14. Jeffery Small

    Sandman Guest

    I have proven that this is false.
    • the underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group
    You react very predictably and with severe animosity and only if nospam is
    saying it. If, for instance your troll buddy Eric were to use the phrase
    "most people", you wouldn't blink. He's done so eight times in the last
    three months. nospam have used it 14 times in the same time period, yet you
    single him out.

    That's having an agenda. You're welcome.
    See what I mean? You would argue for the sake of argument, just because it
    was nospam who said it.

    You basically just went "I have no agenda, no wait, I do".
    Sandman, Apr 18, 2014
  15. Jeffery Small

    Sandman Guest

    You have yet to point to a quote from nospam saying his previous workflow
    was ineffective. A tool making something more effective does not equate to
    the former method being ineffective.
    From you.
    Sandman, Apr 18, 2014
  16. Jeffery Small

    Guest Guest

    dan marguilis also said there's no advantage in 16 bit. he was wrong
    then too.

    imperceptible means there's a loss. he just claims he can't see it.

    however, why do a lossy step, especially early on in the workflow? bad
    idea. that's why converting to jpeg is best done at the end, not the

    the key is that working in lab is not as big of a deal as is claimed
    and nearly all of the time you can do it in rgb. the main advatage of
    lab is you can operate on the luminance channel without causing a
    colour cast, but that can almost always be done with a luminosity blend
    mode and avoid the double conversion entirely.
    it is, but photoshop doesn't work the way you think it does.
    yes it does.
    Guest, Apr 18, 2014
  17. Jeffery Small

    Guest Guest

    that doesn't mean what i did before was ineffective. that's nothing but
    a straw man.

    before lightroom, my workflow was the best it could be at the time,
    given what was available.

    after lightroom, my workflow became more productive.
    Guest, Apr 18, 2014
  18. Jeffery Small

    PeterN Guest

    You did by implication, when saying you did low light theater photography.

    Variation on old joke:
    How do you know when nospam is bullshitting?

    Ans: He accuses someone of lying.

    BTW please keep calling me a liar. Simply adding to my case for slander,
    when i find out whou you are.
    PeterN, Apr 18, 2014
  19. Jeffery Small

    PeterN Guest

    All of them?

    careful now it's a trick question.
    PeterN, Apr 18, 2014
  20. Jeffery Small

    PeterN Guest

    I have LR4, classroom in a book. It was obsolete when I got it, but
    still helpful.
    PeterN, Apr 18, 2014
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