Any easy way to expand my network coverage?

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Wagg, May 28, 2009.

  1. Wagg

    Wagg Guest

    Hi there,

    Looked at that, put up a sky dish as mentioned by someone else, with a
    dongle, which kind of works, until something big drives past then it
    all goes to low signal, and then up again. Looking at putting in a
    couple of poles, as I cant go under the road, so over would be the
    best option I agree, but I'll have to find out how tall the tallest
    wagon is, and work to that I guess after I've put some poles in!

    Wagg, May 31, 2009
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  2. Wagg

    JG Guest

    from Wagg
    You will need to apply for planning permission and if the authorities
    approve (not a foregone conclusion) they will have the necessary data
    about the minimum clearance you must provide.

    If you do get permission then you will also need to attach a catenary
    wire to the pole tops and attach the Cat 5e/6 ethernet cable to that.
    (Telephone cable now has a catenary wire built in.)

    JG, Jun 1, 2009
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  3. Wagg

    Wagg Guest

    Yup, thought as much, spoke to the county planning officer this
    morning, needs to be at least 6 meters high, poles have to be of a
    certain type (one pole is out of my price range, so cant go down that
    route). If it wasnt a main road they said I could string it up fine.
    Will have to come up with something else!

    Wagg, Jun 1, 2009
  4. Wagg

    Rob Morley Guest

    Are we mixing up wired and wireless considerations here? Do they
    really care if you put a couple of Yagis on 20 foot poles, or are they
    only bothered if you want to string cable across the road from big
    pylons? Does it really matter if the connection flickers occasionally?
    Rob Morley, Jun 1, 2009
  5. Wagg

    Wagg Guest

    I am advised that if I erect a pole that can be seen from the road
    (cant remember the footage) and it is at least 6 metres high, then I
    will need planning permission, regardless of if there are going to be
    wires across the top. If there are going to be wires I need to plan
    for that seperatly.

    Not too bothered if it comes and goes really, there is not alot of
    traffic on the road when I need to do what has to be done (at least at
    the moment anyway!). Also, as I have already asked about it, no doubt
    they will notice if I put some poles up!

    Wagg, Jun 1, 2009
  6. Wagg

    Wagg Guest

    OK. Ethernet is possible but prohibitively expensive. Homeplug is not
    I've ordered two of the pringle like things, and the connection cable
    to go one the end of them, till they arrive I don't know how well they
    will work out. I have had some success with the satellite dish idea as
    suggested by someone else, but its a bit fiddly, and it has to point
    at a wall that is several feet thick as there are no windows anywhere
    near that side of the building.
    I'll work on this, but the wall from the end of the house to the
    actual garage has windows (downstairs), but the wall upstairs has no
    windows in it.
    If I put the router by the window it picks up a wireless signal fine,
    but my telephone lead is nowhere near this. I've tried a 50m extension
    cord, but that isnt long enough to go through all the hallways and so
    forth in the house to get to the window, and due to H&S I cant run
    much downstairs (by leaving it on the floor or something), as the
    bottom part of the house is a pub!
    I'm looking at about 4 access points at the moment, but will see if
    this pringle can idea thing will work, as I can fix that to the
    chimney, and hopefully one on the side of the building, as thats
    probably going to be the most direct route into each building. No
    trees between me and it that I need to worry about (none any higher
    than a car anyway!)
    Its all Cisco, I cant remember the exact models at the moment, but the
    router is an 850 or something similar (wireless), and the cards in all
    the computers are cisco (only stuff that really interfaces with the
    machines in the garage!)

    Wagg, Jun 1, 2009
  7. Wagg

    Wagg Guest

    Not tried the home plug, will do if this can thing doesnt work. Access
    point cant see to the router upstairs when it is plugged in. Only way
    I can see with this is to put one in the middle, and then one out on
    the other side. If I put the router downstairs at the very edge of the
    coverage area the AP sees it, but where it lives normally it wont.

    Wagg, Jun 1, 2009
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