Any CISCO WIFI access points work 100% with Ipad2?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Peter, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    There is a widespread compatibility issue with wifi, caused by Apple
    having broken the old "standards". For example some of their stuff
    requests DHCP every 10 seconds or so. There is a ~90 page thread on
    the Apple forums about this, with no solutions...

    I would like to buy an AP which just works...

    A lot of the Cisco gear is very pricey though - $400 plus for a simple
    AP and it isn't clear what one is getting for that. The Linksys range
    is a lot better and I wonder if e.g. the WAP4410N will work OK?

    Apple's own wifi APs ought to work but they don't have web browser
    admin! You have to run their config software, which is stupid.

    Netgear and Draytek especially are having many problems with this.

    Many thanks for any input.
    Peter, Feb 13, 2012
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  2. Peter

    Uli Link Guest

    Define 100% working.
    There are issues *NO* AP can workaround, because iOS is kindof broken on
    Apple's side. Transparent roaming isn't working. Apple's iDevices were
    never designed with enterprise class networks in mind.

    Else everything which is real Cisco (not the former Linksys...) works.
    Even with iDevices. Both standalone or controller based LWAPP/CAPWAPP
    Uli Link, Feb 13, 2012
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  3. One thing you may not realize is that Cisco's gear is built for
    Enterprises, and thus their AP's don't have built in routers like almost
    everything else you mention. Those are separate items in the Cisco
    world, which is what enterprise networks are wanting.

    Apple doesn't break too many things. They do head scratching things
    like using their DHCP leases beyond their lease period, so you have to
    over provision DHCP pools with Apple devices, assuming to have
    one-to-one IP addresses for them and no IP reuse.

    Cisco gear is built to be always up. Most consumer level gear is not,
    compromising that for price. I can run my Cisco AP's for years uptime
    if I so choose.
    What's so different about running an app in a web browser vs. running
    an app on a machine if they do the same thing in the end? Its not like
    you need to reconfigure things once they are installed?

    Most of Cisco's wireless efforts lately have been with wifi
    controllers, which makes the APs all lightweight and you don't
    even configure the APs per-se either. It happens back at the controller.
    But the controllers are probably out of your price range.
    Doug McIntyre, Feb 13, 2012
  4. We're running an Enterprise environment, Controllers and APs, with iPhones (3/4/4S), iPads (2), Androids (pretty much all of them - Phones & Tablets),and very few issues. The DHCP issue I didn't about researching, but yeah we saw that one, and extended the range, we had space. Problem with too manyowners of too many different systems. DHCP belongs to another division...

    Anyway, works well for us.

    My Cisco 887W at home is ANOTHER STORY all together. What a mare that is. Most of my wireless devices struggle with it now that I think about it. Probably my lack of time to sort out those issues, but it is not easy I must admit, and very tempermental.

    I'd probably stick with a Linksys if you are after ease of use and budget focussed. Cisco kinda, and cheaper. :)
    Richard Westby-Nunn, Feb 13, 2012

  5. Because of the level of questions he is asking, and the devices he is
    giving as examples. Also because in talking to 100's of my customers
    in a row, they all say Access-Point, when they mean AP + Router
    combined device. If I went into their place-of-business to install an
    access-point, they'd all be confused until I explained for a few hours
    of what they got. They also all say DSL Modem when it is really a DSL router.

    The tech world has very sloppy nomenclature, you have to read what
    they are meaning, not what they say.
    Doug McIntyre, Feb 13, 2012
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