Anti-virus software.Which is the best??

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by SIXTHPISTOL, Sep 16, 2004.



    Hi there
    Has anyone got any suggestions for some really reliable anti-virus software.
    At the moment i've got Norton, but to be honest its pap.
    Many thanks
    SIXTHPISTOL, Sep 16, 2004
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    Brian Guest

    A D will be around in a bit and tell you to buy a NAT router.
    but seriously, do some online research yourself and read some tests.. sided
    advice is all you will get here..
    Brian, Sep 16, 2004
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    Russ Guest

    There's nothing out there to touch Norton, you obviousley have no idea what
    your talking about I've used it for the last three years and never had an
    Except that time I stuck my dick in some dumb bitch who got a virus.
    Russ, Sep 17, 2004

    Mellowed Guest

    Asking for the best AV is something like asking what is the best car. There
    are many opinions. Why not start with the free AVG product to get some
    protection while you decide. Go to
    Mellowed, Sep 17, 2004

    °Mike° Guest

    °Mike°, Sep 17, 2004

    Slacker Guest

    Why not download free versions of the top 3 or so AVs? See which one works
    the best for you and your system, then buy *that* one.
    Slacker, Sep 17, 2004

    userone Guest

    As far as suggestions go, I like Antivir, which is free at

    AVG, which someone else suggested, is also good.

    I would suggest evaluating a few. Make sure you disable the one's you
    aren't using. More is better, does not apply to Antivirus Programs.
    The tend to find each other, and give false posititves.

    I've had been a long time fan of Norton, up until version 2004.

    Problems with 2004.

    -It's a resource hog

    -It's slow. I often have a box in the corner stating to please wait
    while it finishes scanning {filename}

    -It's activation is way too touchy; Almost anything I have done to the
    computer, (changed modem, added memory, etc.) requires you to
    reactivate. You get 5 reactivations till you have to call Norton.

    I used up my 5 activations, and tried to call Norton. And Tried, and
    tried, and tried. I tried for OVER TWO WEEKS, at various times during
    the day, and kept getting a message, "Due to the high call volume,
    please call back later"

    I finally had to install one of the free Antivirus programs to protect
    myself, till after 2 weeks when I finally got through.

    If you have XP with SP2 installed, if you disable NAV temporarily, for
    any reason, (like you want to actually get some work done), it puts
    this nice large box on the screen stating that Norton Antivirus has
    been disabled, and your computer is unprotected. (Note this message
    comes for NAV, no SP2). And the box is configured to always be the
    top window.

    At the compute shop I work for, we quit selling 2004, selling 2003
    instead, unless the customer specifically states he wants NAV 2004.
    userone, Sep 17, 2004
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