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Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Stohl, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Stohl

    Stohl Guest

    I've just installed XP 64 and found out that not all anti-virus and malware
    programs are compatible with it. Can someone please recomend an above
    average malware and virus checker? Thanks.
    Stohl, Aug 16, 2007
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  2. Stohl

    Sam Crawford Guest

    I used to use Avast and was very happy with it. Lately, I've been using
    Kaspersky Internet Security without any issues.
    Sam Crawford, Aug 16, 2007
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  3. Stohl

    Stohl Guest

    Thanks. I am currently using Avast which will not remove spyware even if it
    was discovered by it. Imagine, just installed xp64 and Avast and already
    infested with unremovable malware. Will Kaspersky work with xp64?
    Stohl, Aug 16, 2007
  4. Avast reports suspicous activity, and deals with virus's, like all AV's I
    know. You should perhaps not expect any of them to have any artillery lined
    up for dealing with mal-ware.

    I use Avast together with Windows Firewall & Defender + a Router with it's
    own Firewall.I only see any of them when they update - so, theoretically
    they may not work at all. Any of them! I prefer to think that they do.

    If you have any issues with Avast, send them an e-mail - great people to my

    And (pure curiosity) what is it that is not removed?

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, Aug 16, 2007
  5. Stohl

    Stohl Guest

    While visiting a newspaper site (without accepting cookies), I got a popup
    saying something to the effect that there are too many adult sites saved on
    my computer (just installed xp64 so I knew this popup is malware) and
    suggested I remove the links by clicking on "yes." That is when Avast window
    popped up with the warning, and I noticed there was no option in the Avast
    window to erase the offending malware.

    The fact that I just installed xp64, and that Avast was the *first* website
    I visited to download the anti virus, makes me wonder...
    Stohl, Aug 16, 2007
  6. Well, I would take that as a pointer to get something that can remove it, or
    stop it from having access. Not being an actual Virus, Avast wouldn't
    interfere - who knows, you may be an adult and there is no way of telling
    from the first few events on the installation what you might find to be
    suspicious or not - but it does warn you!

    I recommend 'Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool' / 'Defender' - there
    has to be issues of some sort with all software, I've found there are
    considerably fewer of those with Avast on my machine than what I would have
    expected from the typical setup.

    I've been running Avast now for at least two years - I run the free Home
    version but when it expires the next time, I intend to support them and buy
    the Pro version. But there are alternatives, if you are having second
    thoughts, try something else except Norton, Mc Affee, and Trend Micro (I

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, Aug 16, 2007
  7. Stohl

    Sam Crawford Guest

    Kaspersky works well with x64. It has prevented trojans from installing on
    my computer and has it's own firewall.

    I found this review on that pertains to Kaspersky
    and Vista x64 but I'd guess it applies to XP Professional x64 as well.

    A quote from the article "The superlative level of malicious program
    detection without any false positives has brought Kaspersky Anti-Virus
    another well-earned VB100 award."

    There is a free 30 day trial at
    Sam Crawford, Aug 16, 2007
  8. Stohl

    Stohl Guest

    I will not by Avast because, for obvious reasons, I suspect their "free"
    software wasn't really free other than - and this is what I think - to plant
    the popup on my computer to get me to buy their real anti-virus. Think, how
    else can they survive if they give you freebies?

    The McAfee I have doesn't run on xp64.
    Stohl, Aug 16, 2007
  9. Stohl

    Stohl Guest

    Stohl, Aug 16, 2007
  10. Stohl

    Gordy Guest

    I used the freebe from Avast in the past until I suspected that it installed
    some unwanted code on my system. I sent an email to Avast demanding an
    explanation but they never replied, not even to deny it ;)
    Gordy, Aug 18, 2007
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