Anti-Glare (reduces or induces the stress level) you decide!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by mr.zeeshanali, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Anti Glare Screens, The truth...
    Written By : Zeeshan Ali
    Multimedia entertainment has never been this common the way it can be
    seen in today's world. It has been observed that more and more
    companies investing into their R&D to streamline their multimedia
    products to make them appear more appealing for end consumers. In
    fact, it is really serving well, a bit of new idea with a precise
    blend of technology and final sugar coating of marketing words and
    catchy slogans printed on flyers, banners and advertisements can turn
    a normal product feature into an eye candy gizmo for the consumers who
    are merely passing by those flashy stores. What is left about pros and
    cons can be creamed up by the biased recommendations of the selling
    intellect. However, most of us have not been able to justify whether
    the product does really well what it claims on its package or not. The
    same goes for this product line of Anti-Glare Shielded LCDs. With its
    emergence from the Laptop market and now considerably dominating
    cellular domain throughout the world have some same story.
    Back in 90s, when LCD screen were introduced into the market for the
    first time, the screens surface was designed to be rough in order to
    eliminate bright white spot covering the screen area and soon after it
    was replaced by the cheap solution of shiny transparent cover, which
    induces the dual image/reflection that confuses human brain to focus
    right on the object. How does it really happen and what is the
    phenomena behind it, is very clear. As it has been known to all of us
    that our body is a complex biological system, centrally controlled by
    our brain, whereby almost 90% of the procedures performed by it are
    autonomous not totally in our control, such as harmonic heart beats,
    metabolic activities, hormone secretion and specifically retina
    contraction and focusing. The later is the most important and has very
    significant effect on our daily life, if you have been suffered
    through severe headaches, stress and strains due to a minor weakness
    in eye sight then you exactly have an idea that how does this affect
    our daily routines.
    With advent of technology or say to boost up the sales, LCD screens
    were now these days introduced with Anti Glare Screens. How does it
    really affect the screen to be anti glare? The concept is very simple,
    with a slight modification in production line of LCD or a minor shiny
    coating that is added to the screen as top most transparent layer;
    reflects the light back instead of dispersing it on the surface.
    Eventually, helping an individual to see 60% of the object illuminated
    by tiny liquid crystal pixels and 40 % of the spot/Omni light right on
    the ceiling.
    Most of the office premises are equipped with fluorescent lights and
    Omni lighting is rarely used specifically in studio environments.
    Therefore, a minute of continuous gaze, confuses your brain cells
    million times to focus the right object and to retrieve the right
    information from the image, eventually introducing a feeling of stress
    and consistent disturbance in concentration. The cases that have been
    under study for a month had complained about head strain and loss of
    concentration with a feeling of anxiety. On the other hand, the cases
    who are exposed to the old rough surfaced screens had no complains at
    all. The slight glare disturbance was eliminated by the changing the
    viewing angle or moving the LCD accordingly.
    In conclusion to this article, it is highly recommended for those who
    have experienced the same stress level and anxiety to the usage of
    Anti-Glare screen shields must discontinue it.
    Scientific innovations have always brought some benefits with a bit of
    draw backs and nevertheless these drawbacks queues the innovation back
    into the improvement cycle for better result. Therefore, sooner or
    later there would another alternative to this "Anti-Glare" Screens as
    mr.zeeshanali, Jan 3, 2008
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