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Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by btsang, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. btsang

    btsang Guest

    hello everyone.
    i'm another person wanting to make a career change into IT. i'
    looking into getting my certs. from an employer's point of view
    does it matter where an applicant attains their certification
    training from? or, are they more concerned about what certs and wha
    experience i have? i already have a college degree if that matters.
    do you think training from a college is more desirable than trainin
    from a computer training school? do you think receiving trainin
    from an institution that offers placement assistance is the way t

    thanks for any help
    btsang, Dec 2, 2005
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  2. btsang

    molsonexpert Guest


    or, are they more concerned about what certs and what
    Yes, particularly the latter.

    i already have a college degree if that matters.
    If my experience is any indication, the main benefit of choosing computer
    training school over college is time. Your current background/experience
    plus your ability to learn new concepts quickly and easily may sway your
    decision. And placement assistance can always be a good thing, just remember
    there's no guarantees, and there's nothing wrong with accepting a low paying
    position to gain experience.
    your welcome, and good luck.

    molsonexpert, Dec 2, 2005
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  3. btsang

    Guest Guest

    Hi BTsang,

    Where you get your training for cert exams has nothing to do with where you
    get your certifications. In my experience there are numerous colleges and
    training centres that do not have testing centres themselves and send you off
    to write your tests. If you are trained at College A or Technical Centre B,
    or if you get your certs by self-study, the knowledge required to pass the
    exams is the same.

    I cannot remember anyone - employer, client, or peer - asking me where I
    studied for my certifications; they only ask me what certifications I hold.

    Good luck!

    Guest, Dec 2, 2005
  4. Good is a Rat race out there and the Rats are winning. Most of
    the entry level jobs that people once took in order to break into IT are now
    sitting in India and soon to be China, once India gets to be too expensive.
    If you find something that agrees with your lifestyle and desires...take it!
    There will not be many other chances.
    Usually, no. If, however, the training center or college places you, or
    they are well-known locally and they are a good training center or IT
    Academy, that *may* give you a leg up.
    Experience is the key. Most employers nowadays are looking for trained
    staff, someone that can make a difference on their team. Occasionally you
    find employers that will take people fresh out of college.
    A college gives you the option to utilize those credits towards a degree or
    certificate...and a degree or certificate from an Accredited (Regional and
    State if you are U.S.-based) college or university is yours for life. That
    degree lasts a lifetime...and so does the experience you obtain after
    earning your degree. In 5 years that shiny new MCSE 2003 will not have
    quite the glimmer that it does today. That Bachelor's degree might be
    earned on older technology, and that Master's you are thinking about will
    allow you to tick that checkbox on the employer's application.
    Good luck! You will need it!
    Bob Christian, Dec 4, 2005
  5. btsang

    Guest Guest

    most companies hire people considering a good indication letter and some
    contract head-hunters to do so.
    certification is important, but more important than that (hehe, morpheus
    talk in matrix) is how knowledgeable you are with the things you deal.
    Guest, Dec 8, 2005
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