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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Nick Heaps, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Nick Heaps

    Nick Heaps Guest

    I've got an annoying popup coming up and all attempts to remove it have come
    up naught to date.

    It's a window that comes up at the bottom of the screen when Internet
    Explorer is opened. The properties indicate that it's attached to the
    following web page:

    I can not get rid of it. I've ran Adaware and spybot but they do not take
    it away.

    Any help pls
    Nick Heaps, Aug 17, 2004
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  2. Nick Heaps

    D Guest

    type into google to educate yourself
    as to what you are dealing with then follow ALL of below and be sure they
    are all up to date!!!

    Courtesy of °Mike°:

    Download, update and use ALL of the following -- even
    if you already have them installed, UPDATE THEM NOW.
    Malware changes by the day, even by the hour, so you MUST
    have the latest version of removal tools:

    Spybot Search & Destroy
    SpyBot S&D guide

    Ad-Aware VX2 cleaner plug-in

    Spyware Blaster

    CWShredder (CoolWebSearch remover)

    If you are unable to download any of the files here and are redirected to a
    porn page, search page or just denied access to the file, try these
    alternate links that should always work:

    HijackThis direct download:

    CWShredder direct download:

    The redirection is probably because of a Coolwebsearch variant
    (CWS.Aff.Tooncomics or CWS.Dreplace) that intercepts your download to
    prevent downloading my programs.
    D, Aug 17, 2004
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  3. Nick Heaps

    Robert Guest

    Well looks to me you might have caught some malware. Have look around what
    other tools are available e.g. XP-Antispy etc.! I'd also suggest trashing
    IE and using Mozilla, Firefox or Opera if you like.
    Robert, Aug 17, 2004
  4. Nick Heaps

    DennisC Guest

    Hello Nick,
    First some general maintenance. If you do not have Internet Explorer 6.x
    download and install it. Go to Windows Update and download and install
    all updates, especially secuurity updates for IE 6. Once that is completed
    open IE 6 and go to Tools | Internet Options | Security | Set all to default
    security. Select Restricted Sites Click on Sites and ensure you have the
    following entry: * If it is not listed, add it.
    Then go to the following web site:
    Download and install IECookiesView v.1.60. It is a stand alone
    executable. Open it and select File | Installation Options and select
    show a cookies button in the IE toolbar. Open IE 6 and right click
    just above the address bar and select customize. Add the cookies
    button from the available buttons. Open IE CookiesView and look
    for anything related to If you find it, delete it. In fact delete
    all cookies from sites you do not recognize as valid. Even if you delete
    cookies from sites you do use when you re-visit the site the cookie
    will be reset.
    One final note, IECookiesView is a super utility for deleting ad
    related cookies and tracking cookies.
    Have Fun..
    DennisC, Aug 17, 2004
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