(ANNOUNCE) Win an iPod nano in the Movies forums at Snarkish!

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Binky Melnik, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. Binky Melnik

    Binky Melnik Guest

    Snarkish.com Marks Anniversary with 'Type for Tunes' iPod Nano Giveaway
    Post pertinent forum messages Nov. 28 to Dec. 11 for a chance to win.
    New York, NY (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) November 28, 2005 --
    Snarkish.com -- the free grown-up discussion forums for people with
    their clothes on -- is celebrating its first anniversary by giving a
    free iPod nano to a new or current forum member who posts at least one
    interesting, creative, and relevant message in any of the 20
    Snarkish.com forums during the week beginning November 28 and ending
    December 4. The winner will be drawn randomly from all eligible

The contest is part of a membership drive being held in
    connection with the Snarkish anniversary. To participate, entrants must
    sign up for their free membership, or log in to their current account,
    and post a message that is substantive and relevant to the forum they
    choose. Entries can be news topics or replies to existing online
    topics. Quality, not quantity, is what counts.

Binky explains, "This
    contest will attract new members who'll provide fresh viewpoints and
    the current members get a chance for the nano. As a bonus, we introduce
    the new members to a forum where they aren't plagued by tweenagers with
    surging hormones and pulsating emoticons."

Snarkish is a collection of
    reviews, articles and discussion forums about current events,
    entertainment, Mac and Windows support, politics, books, photography,
    and more. Snarkish member Jim Nichol says, "Snarkish forums offer real
    depth. For example, the movies we discuss don't stop with Harry Potter.
    We have screenwriters on board who are familiar with indie, obscure,
    and foreign movies worth watching." David Bondelevitch, another
    long-time member, says, "Snarkish is one of the few forums on the net
    where you can communicate with adults about virtually any topic and get
    an intelligent response."

Binky, a former CompuServe forum manager,
    founded Snarkish in response to what she terms the "AOL-ization" of
    CompuServe. Joining her are former MAUG members Alan August, David
    Ramsey, and CompuServe's Showbiz forum staffer Nicholas

Entries will be judged by forum staffers Binky, Alan August,
    Steve Lee, Howard Oakley, and Nicholas D'Amato. Complete contest
    details are found at http://snarkish.com.

For information:
Contact: Binky Melnik
Phone: 212/876-3105

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    Binky Melnik, Dec 4, 2005
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