[ANN] Yate has been ported for FreeBSD

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Balwinder S \bsd\ Dheeman, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Season's Greetings!

    Yate is a telephony engine aimed at creating a telephony server that
    performs well enough to deal with PBX requirements and also flexible
    enough for complex Gateway and IVR solutions.

    WWW: http://YATE.null.ro/

    The yate has now also been ported for FreeBSD, I don't have resources to
    test, it however is possible to build the same on other *BSD systems too.

    To install the ports download:
    and http://cto.homelinux.net/pub/FreeBSD/ports/spandsp-devel.tar.bz2

    To extract:
    # tar jxvf yate.tar.bz2 -C /usr/ports/net
    # tar jxvf spandsp.tar.bz2 -C /usr/ports/comms
    # cd /usr/ports/net/yate
    # make install


    # make package

    To update your csup and, or cvsup refuse file:

    # cat <<EOT >>/usr/ports/refuse

    A yate ports collection for FreeBSD created by Alex Rodin 'alex DOT
    rodin AT gmail DOT com' is also/already available in the yate mailiing
    list archive.

    Kindly note, that this one is different and also includes, though small,
    but the following enhancements over the latest CVS head:

    * On Unix systems yate daemon tries to run under normal uid and, or gid.
    * Loading and, or initialization messages moved to highest debug level.
    * Support for aliases is added to module regfile; check status now
    shows aliases as 'alias->number'.
    * The cdrbuild module formats date/time in human readable form (this
    can also be useful for PostgreSQL and, or other database modules).
    * The status now shows ip:port for remote connections in the rmanager
    * Updated and, or upto-date manpages, README and INSTALL files.

    I'm not that much expert in H323, SIP, IAX and other such protocols and,
    or PSTN technology, so I request you to please post your relevant and,
    or technical questions to Null Team; the creators of yate --

    Balwinder S \bsd\ Dheeman, Dec 22, 2006
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