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    VTD-XML 2.10 is now released in Java, C#, C and C++. It can be
    downloaded at
    This release includes a number of new features and enhancement.

    * The core API of VTD-XML has been expanded. Users can now perform
    cut/paste/insert on an empty element.
    * This release also adds the support of deeper location cache support
    for parsing and indexing. This feature is useful for application
    performance tuning for processing various XML documents.
    * The java version also added support for processing zip and gzip
    files. Direct processing of httpURL based XML is enhanced.
    * Extended Java version now support Iso-8859-10~16 encoding.
    * A full featured C++ port is released.
    * C version of VTD-XML now make use of thread local storage to achieve
    thread safety for multi-threaded application.
    * There are also a number of bugs fixed. Special thanks to Jozef
    Aerts, John Sillers, Chris Tornau and a number of other users for
    input and suggestions
    dontcare, Mar 1, 2011
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