ANN: PhotoRescue 639 available

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Pierre Vandevenne, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    We have released a new version of PhotoRescue, for Max OS X and for PC.

    - fixed a couple of bugs in Canon RAW file renderer (we used to err on
    the side of caution and display recoverable pics as non recoverable).

    - in addition to providing backup possibilities, the demo version now
    offers free recovery of non picture files. We are a bit testing the
    waters here: form the start, PhotoRescue has been able to recover non
    picture files. The difference was, and still is, that we used
    conventional data-recovery techniques to do that and not one of the
    dozen (exactly 12 today) picture specific algorithms we developed.
    Basically that means that we can not fully guarantee that what you see
    is what you'll get with generic files (no one can)... that's why we are
    giving it away. If it works, great, if it does not, you have lost

    We did run some informal tests on real life crashed 2GB hard drives with
    a mix of files and the performance was equal or superior to the market

    Why 2GB? Well, this isn't hard coded in any way and version 640 of
    PhotoRescue which will be available on the 1st of September will support
    medias up to 30GB, image tanks and similar devices, a limit that should
    keep photographers happy for a while. We will not support hard disk
    recovery for several reasons: we never want to write to the target
    media, the algorithms we use for pictures are better than conventional
    data recovery solutions but may require more temporary space, memory
    and/or processing power, firewire and USB 2 get tedious on very large
    hard drives.

    This is a free update for anyone who purchased PhotoRescue during the
    last year, request it through our download page/update item. The "30GB
    enabled update" which we could call PhotoRescue 2 will also be a free
    update if you purchased after Sep 1, 2002

    Pierre Vandevenne - DataRescue -
    Home of the IDA Pro Disassembler - leader in hostile code analysis
    Home of PhotoRescue - risk free data recovery for digital media.
    Pierre Vandevenne, Aug 19, 2003
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