[ANN] Kalimages: working with IPTC/IIM informations embedded in images files

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Patrick Peccatte, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. Kalimages Basic is a free Windows software allowing to work with
    IPTC/IIM information that are embedded in JPEG images files.
    Main features:
    - Creation of one or several databases with IPTC information extracted
    from many sets of images. User defines one or more folders to analyze
    and Kalimages scans images adding IPTC metadata to the integrated
    - Search images using IPTC information. It is also possible to find
    images using files and/or folders names
    - Searching whole words or character strings
    - Capability to translate automatically the search word. For example, when
    you search /soccer/, Kalimages is searching in fact /soccer/ or /football/
    - Capability to select only images with one or more IPTC fields, or to
    select only images without any IPTC data
    - Capability to select only images that have a specific IPTC field value
    (for example: select all images with one or several keywords)
    - Searching duplicate filenames
    - Display and search for custom and non standard IIM fields
    - Lexicographic analysis of words used in a set of images, sort words by
    number of occurrences, display of misspelled words according to MS Word
    spell checker
    - Export of IPTC information to an XML or HTML format (using an XSL
    transformation) or to PDF (using FOP processor)

    Kalimages exists also as commercial application, allowing to edit IPTC/IIM
    informations and use templates.

    More informations:
    Patrick Peccatte, Sep 17, 2004
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