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    Have you ever been humiliated and embarrassed when your most private
    files were discovered by a snoop? Would you like to protect your files
    and folders from discovery by nosy family members, jealous co-workers,
    rivals and thieves? Folder Castle 2.2 is everything you need to
    protect your files and peace of mind at home and in the workplace.

    MagneticSoft today announces Folder Castle 2.2, the newest upgrade of
    the security software for protecting computer files from snoops and
    thieves. Now, Folder Castle can hide files and folders automatically
    when you log off, shut down the system, or switch to another user. The
    latter capability is available on Windows XP and Vista. Another new
    feature enables you to change the hot keys to personal preferences.

    Folder Castle provides two methods to keep computer files away from
    prying eyes. You can lock away files and folders, which literally gets
    confidential materials off the screen in a moment. Or you can put
    files into a secure container called Secure Storage with on-the-fly
    AES-256 encryption. Secure Storage works in much the same way as an
    ordinary drive: it can be mounted or unmounted, defraged, checked for
    errors, formatted. Once the files are protected, they cannot be seen
    in Windows Explorer even if the computer is re-booted in Windows Safe
    Mode. For more security, you can step into Stealth mode, which
    instantly hides the presence of Folder Castle itself. In addition, a
    password protection scheme ensures that only the user can restore
    access to the protected files as well as the control panel.

    The following is an overview of just some of the many exciting
    benefits of Folder Castle.

    – Keep your files hidden away from snoops –

    Statistics show that over 90% of all people today have to share their
    computer with other people: family members, co-workers or roommates.
    Sooner or later some private file will be found by someone who has no
    business seeing it. Folder Castle will help you protect your business
    documents, personal finances, passwords and dozens of other private
    items of which you have no desire to share with anyone. Once hidden,
    the files become undetectable, so no snoop will ever be tempted by
    their sight and get the hands on them.

    – Protect the files on a stolen laptop from thieves –

    The theft of a portable computer continues to be on the rise. The loss
    of the equipment due to theft is only part of the problem. The real
    value of the stolen computer lies within the data it contains, which
    are literally hundreds if not thousands of times more valuable. When
    you protect and hide your laptop’s information with Folder Castle, the
    software turns the files invisible so that it is almost like the files
    do not exist at all.

    – Take your protected data with you on the USB drive

    Folder Castle lets you use one of those USB flash drives, ZIP drives
    or any other removable device to store your protected data. Just
    create Secure Storage on the removable device, put files in to it and
    you’re free to roam the planet without the fear of data loss or theft.
    To get access to the files, plug the USB drive into the USB port,
    mount the drive and open the storage. The only condition is that
    another computer should also have Folder Castle software installed.

    People are nosey. They’ll read your newspaper over your shoulder if
    given the chance, listen in to your side of a cell phone conversation
    and pry into computer files. Information in these files is something
    identity thieves and jealous co-workers need to make your life
    miserable for months if not for years to come. So why treat your
    computer any differently than you do your other valuable property, for
    which you probably have some kind of protection like a safe?

    If you are ready for some affordable, state-of-the-art protection,
    then you are ready for Folder Castle 2.2. It’ll protect your computer
    files and peace of mind.

    Folder Castle 2.2 is available for download today at no charge from You can try its fully-functional trial version
    for 15 days before you have to buy it. The product costs $39.95 (US)
    for a single-user license. Licensed users are entitled to free
    upgrades for the life of the product and premium technical support.
    Folder Castle 2.2 is available for the Windows platform and works well
    on Windows VISTA, 2003, XP, 2000.


    Product page:
    Direct download link:
    Company website:
    AnSad76, Jul 9, 2008
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