[ANN] EXIFutils V2.4 for Windows, MacOS X, x86 Linux, and Solaris 8/9 now available.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Hugh Thomas, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. Hugh Thomas

    Hugh Thomas Guest

    The EXIFutils are a set of Shareware command line utilities that extract,
    add, remove, copy, and replace EXIF data from JPEG, TIFF, Nikon NEF, Kodak
    DCR image files. They can also extract IPTC image information.

    EXIFutils are available for Windows, MacOS X, x86 Linux, and Solaris 8/9.
    The utilities can:

    - edit the values of individual EXIF fields in one for more
    image files.
    - extract EXIF and IPTC data from images in multiple
    directories in a format suitable for importing to
    spreadsheets or databases.
    - be used with scripting languages (e.g. Perl) to automate
    tasks such as renaming of image files or generating image
    catalogues based on EXIF data.
    - be used with web servers to extract individual fields for
    use in the generation of dynamic web content.
    - copy EXIF data between TIFF and JPEG files
    - reinsert EXIF data that has been deleted by photo editing programs
    - rename image files based on the value of EXIF and IPTC fields
    - Change the Last Modified time of a JPEG or TIFF file to match the
    time the photo was taken.

    Version 2.4 has just been released and includes the following new features:
    - EXIF information in Minolta Raw (.MRW) and Fujifilm Raw (.RAF)
    files can now be extracted
    - EXIF fields can be saved into Exifer-compatible .EXI files
    for later restoring to edited image files.
    - Improved Canon and Minolta Maker Note support
    - More IPTC fields now supported. 56 more IPTC
    field types can now be accessed (including all fields
    settable by ThumbsPlus)
    - Maker Note fields for more Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus
    Fujifilm, and Casio cameras models now supported.
    - A file's "last modified date" and "date created" are now
    be used to set EXIF date fields values

    For more information and a free trial download, visit the EXIFutils web

    Hugh Thomas, Jan 8, 2004
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