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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Lou Lesko, Oct 31, 2003.

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    Blinkbid Makes Business a Snap for Photographers
    New Software Simplifies Bid and Invoice Process

    LOS ANGELES, CA--October 30, 2003--Blinkbid Software Company announces the
    launch of Blinkbid Estimate and Invoicing software, a sleek and affordable
    ($89) program that is simple to learn and easy to use. Blinkbid is a compact,
    yet powerful business tool that gives freelance photographers the ability to
    generate clear, readable estimates, organize invoices, and to calculate and
    track profits--all with the click of a mouse.

    Endorsed by industry leaders such as Robert Farber, and Brie Childers Blinkbid
    has debuted to an eager and receptive market of veteran professionals and
    advanced amateur photographers. "Our goal was to create a nimble, efficient
    and affordable business program that would streamline the often complex
    bidding and invoicing process," states Blinkbid founder Louis Lesko. "We
    wanted to focus on a design that met the specific needs of the independent
    professional photographer and avoid the mistake other programs have made in
    adding in unnecessary and cumbersome elements."

    into Blinkbid is the ability to calculate the potential profit on a job. This
    information is one of the most important aspects of estimating for
    photographers, yet it has been one mostly ignored by existing programs.
    Blinkbid calculates the expected profit at the estimate level, allowing users
    to make an informed decision before accepting a job.

    ORGANIZED AND ACCESSIBLE JOBS Blinkbid stores invoices, estimates, and actuals
    as part of the same job, not as separate documents, with every element quickly
    accessible through its unique Open Job page. All estimates and invoices are
    created by simply clicking on items in the Categories & Items List, a
    pre-loaded list containing categories and items associated with commercial
    photography that is completely customizable.

    POINT-AND-CLICK USAGE LICENSE Photographers need to protect their rights.
    Blinkbid provides an option to point and click four categories of usage and
    inserts the legal language to create a usage license that is included with the
    estimate and invoice.

    SHORT LEARNING CURVE AND SAVED TIME Blinkbid is distinguished by its ease of
    use and intuitive design. Tests demonstrated that new users were able to
    attain a working knowledge of Blinkbid in an about 10 minutes. In addition,
    time spent estimating and invoicing dropped on average 75% using Blinkbid,
    compared to using a word processor or spreadsheet program. Blinkbid also
    avoids the time-consuming process of dual entry by providing transfer of an
    estimate to an invoice with one click of the TRANSFER button.

    About Blinkbid: Blinkbid is an independent software design company dedicated
    to providing affordable and useful software tools for professional
    photographers. Blinkbid is software designed by photographers for
    photographers. The sleek and streamlined Blinkbid program gives freelancers
    the ability to quickly and easily estimate jobs, access and duplicate previous
    jobs, and track profits. Blinkbid is available online at
    Lou Lesko, Oct 31, 2003
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