Analyst says MS Office to fall to open source

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. IOW, bullshit!

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea
    Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Mar 19, 2006
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  2. Computers, not Office. None of the things you listed cannot be done in
    OOo, other than if there's a requirement to take screenshots of MS Office
    applications in use - probably something that would be done to fuel the
    fires of the fan boys, no?

    You haven't yet provided a concrete example of anything, other than Access
    (and that wasn't you, in any case) that absolutely requires MS Office.
    Even MS have found that vast tracts of Office's functionality go untouched
    by the majority of users, and that's the functionality that is missing,
    where it's missing at all, from OOo.
    Why? You've just told us, in another post, that it's a "someday"
    proposition. As Cuppa said, "bullshit".
    Matthew Poole, Mar 19, 2006
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  3. Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    Max Burke Guest

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea scribbled:
    Not in a text file....
    Text files CANT handle graphics.

    That's why text files are NO GOOD for article submissions to professional
    magazines, and why such submissins DONT get turned into text files.
    Max Burke, Mar 19, 2006
  4. Who said they did! I didn't!

    A text file handles plain text. That is all. A graphic is a file in its
    own right.

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea
    Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Mar 20, 2006
  5. Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    simondo Guest

    Not for academic journals. They want unformatted text (in Word files,
    bizarrely enough) with "Insert figure/table xxx about here" in them.
    Graphics are supplied as separate files, preferably a vector format.
    Formatting of headings etc. is generally a big no-no for academic journals,
    as they then have to strip the formatting out before applying the journal's
    only styles. The last article I submitted had to have a formatted and
    plain-text version.

    And then, of course, there's LaTeX....

    YMMV with other types of publication. But for many academic publications,
    either you or the publisher are going to convert it into plain text at some
    point. If your article is accepted, that is.

    simondo, Mar 20, 2006
  6. Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    Dave Doe Guest

    I don't know how many Canty Uni students (or other Uni's) will be
    reading your post - but they'll all certainly disagree.

    Typically (quoting here):
    Format: Work should be type-written and have at least a 3 cm left hand
    margin for comments to be made. Use 12 point Times New Roman/Arial font
    (use a 10 point font for footnotes) and 1.5 spacing between lines.

    It just so happens that footnotes in MS Word are 10 pt (given the above
    'normal' font).

    Agreed though - the format is very 'plain'.
    Dave Doe, Mar 20, 2006
  7. Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    simondo Guest

    simondo, Mar 20, 2006
  8. Are you suggesting that the above is mandated by professional journals
    published by Canterbury University Press?

    And what would a person do if their computer has neither "Times New Roman"
    nor "Arial" fonts installed? (Aren't those both Micro$oft TrueType fonts?)

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea
    Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Mar 21, 2006
  9. Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    simondo Guest

    They're both installed by default on my Linux box. Given the font
    substitution that happens behind the scenes with printer metrics etc. I
    doubt that anyone would really notice using Times/Helvetica (like they do
    on Macs).

    simondo, Mar 21, 2006
  10. The licence for Arial (and indeed all of Micro$oft's Core Fonts) preclude
    it from being bundled or included with a distro of Linux.

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea
    Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Mar 21, 2006
  11. Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    simondo Guest

    Hmmm, better check that Kubuntu installation at work then. I could've sworn
    they were installed, and I haven't installed any additional font packages
    (actually taken out a few).

    simondo, Mar 21, 2006
  12. That's not to say the M$ Core Fonts cannot be installed on a Linux distro
    - it just means the distro maker cannot include them on the DVD. They have
    to be downloaded separately by the end user, because the distro maker
    is not permitted to "redistribute" those fonts.

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea
    Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Mar 21, 2006
  13. Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    simondo Guest

    Well, given that I haven't installed them, and as far as I recall, they're
    installed on my machine, it suggests then that they came from the original
    installation CD doesn't it? This isn't a terribly difficult thing to check
    thought -- I'll look at the installation CD contents at work today.

    simondo, Mar 21, 2006
  14. It is possible that they could have been downloaded as a final stage of
    the installation.

    I do know, however, that they are not included with SuSE Linux, nor were
    they included last time I looked with Mandriva nor DeadRat/Fedora.

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea
    Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Mar 21, 2006
  15. The OSS equivalent of Arial is Helvetica. Times New Roman is matched with
    Times. Visually they're almost identical, so it's possible that the
    applications where people have seen them have just changed the name so
    that the Windows bunnies don't get confused and start whinging about how
    they can't find their favourite font.
    Matthew Poole, Mar 21, 2006
  16. Not on mine. I have neither :)


    I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good
    people and the bad people. You're wrong, of course. There are, always and
    only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

    Lord Vetinari in Guards ! Guards ! - Terry Pratchett

    Caution ===== followups may have been changed to relevant groups
    (if there were any)
    Bruce Sinclair, Mar 22, 2006
  17. As far as I know applications cannot change the names of fonts; fonts are
    copyrighted works in their own right.

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea
    Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Mar 22, 2006
  18. Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    simondo Guest

    I stand corrected -- they AREN'T installed by default on Kubuntu. The fonts
    installed just look kinda similar!

    simondo, Mar 22, 2006
  19. None of which requires any part of Micro$oft Office for any stage other
    than the final draft - and even then there are other Office suites that
    can do the same job.

    Being tied to a computer does not mean a person's job description mandates
    the use of Micro$oft Office for the majority of the time a person is on
    duty at work.

    Have A Nice Cup of Tea
    Have A Nice Cup of Tea, Mar 23, 2006
  20. Have A Nice Cup of Tea

    RJ Guest

    we all know you never worked in a job that was worth 1% of that rate of
    RJ, Mar 24, 2006
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