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    The telephone providers supports national as well as international
    calls. While in the national case a proprietary network can be used to
    satisfy the entire demand, the international calls must be, whole or
    partially, satisfied with other carriers.

    Each carrier provides a complete price list for every destination
    reached, completed with the declared Quality of Service (QoS). For some

    destinations, the carrier can details these information for some locale


    The cost is represented as a cost per minute plus a cost per call;
    while the QoS is represented with a real number ranging from 0 and 1: 0

    is the lowest quality and 1 is the highest quality. The destinations
    are identified with the international code eventually completed with
    the area code when needed.

    The above information can be used to estimate cost and quality of
    offered service, but these are not sufficient for a complete calculus.
    An estimation or historical data on distribution calls must be used to
    have a well done service cost and quality calculation, being for each
    destination the number of calls and the total minutes of traffic given.

    A generic telephone provider has the problem to schedule the best way
    to route the outgoing calls, selecting for each destination a preferred


    More details on

    Luigi Poderico
    poderico, Dec 11, 2005
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