An update for those of you who took beta exam 71-621 and/or 71-622

Discussion in 'MCITP' started by Andy Barkl, Mar 3, 2007.

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    An update for those of you who took beta exam 71-621 and/or 71-622
    OK, so I finally have something new to add to the ongoing discussion about
    the Vista beta retakes. First of all, I am sorry it has taken us-that is the
    Microsoft Learning certification team-so long to work out how to make it
    right (or at least a little more right) for those of you who invested your
    time and effort into studying for and taking the 621 and 622 Vista betas.
    This has not been my favorite thing, to leave you all hanging.

    Sometime tonight, everyone who took 621 or 622 should get an e-mail with
    information about the beta re-take. You can see below for the full, official
    contents, or you can read my shorter interpretation, as follows:

    We will re-run the betas for 71-621 and 71-622.
    We will score the first beta. The scoring model will be based on the results
    of the SECOND beta, which includes additional components
    Because we need to finish the 2nd before we can score the 1st , your scores
    from the first beta will not be available until May 2007.
    Those of you who took 71-621 or 71-622 are guaranteed a seat in the 2nd beta
    for the same, if you want to take it.
    The betas are coming up soon (both in March) and you will get an e-mail
    invitation for the exam(s) you took before.
    If you do retake, you'll get scored on the second beta.
    If you don't retake, you'll get scored on the first beta.
    Either way, a passing score will put the exam on your transcript.
    In either case, everyone who took 71-621 or 71-622 will get an exam voucher
    good for one of the Vista exams (70-620 through 70-624)
    71-623 has been rescheduled and everyone who was registered before will have
    a chance to register again.

    That is the update.

    I know many of you are very frustrated with this situation and our
    communication (or lack-thereof) about it. I'm sorry. We have been trying to
    confirm what we can do and HOW to do it, and I did not want to make any
    promises that we could not keep or go out to everyone without a full story.
    This doesn't excuse that many of you just stumbled across this blog to get
    the news of your delayed result rather than getting official word from MSFT;
    that is unacceptable.

    As I said before, I've read all of your comments. In fact, LOTS of people
    have read all of your comments. I'm glad that there is a way we can
    communicate outside of Microsoft's normal business-speak channels. And I'm
    glad to get your feedback so fast, and so directly-your thoughtful comments
    on both sides of the issue led to lots of hallway debate in building 18. I
    also noted how many of you were able to express your viewpoint, and
    frustration, in a respectful way. I really appreciate that. I'm glad to have
    this job.

    OK. So, what did I forget? Let me know... while you're thinking, here is the
    official, all the details-version of the news above:

    You recently participated in a beta for Windows Vista exams 71-621:
    Upgrading Your Microsoft Certified Desktop Support (MCDST) Certification to
    a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Enterprise Support Technician
    and/or 71-622: PRO: Supporting and Troubleshooting Applications on a
    Microsoft Windows Vista Client for Enterprise Support Technicians. As you
    may know, we have had to make the decision to re-engineer these exams. As a
    result there will be a second beta for 71-621 and 71-622.

    Why are we re-engineering the exams?

    In the interest of producing a technically accurate exam and a consistent,
    meaningful credential, we made the difficult decision to re-engineer exams
    70-621, 70-622, and 70-623 to include coverage of several topics that were
    errantly left out of the original exam Objective Domain (OD). As a result,
    we must re-run the betas and delay the release dates for these much
    anticipated exams.

    We regret this inconvenience; we know many of you invested time and energy
    into preparing and have been looking forward to your results.

    What this means to your score on 71-621 and/or 71-622.

    Your first beta exams will be scored based on the results of the second beta
    (i.e. the final scoring model will be based on the re-engineered exams) and
    will be available in late May 2007. Because results from the first beta are
    dependent on the outcomes of the second, you will not have your results
    before the second beta takes place. You are not obligated to re-take the
    beta, but choosing to do so may increase your chances of a passing result on
    the final scoring model, which will include additional components.

    If you take the second beta, your first results will be dismissed; you will
    only be scored on your second result. See below for how to participate.

    If you do not take the second beta, you will receive a score for the exam
    you have already taken. If it is a passing score, you will receive credit
    for the exam on your transcript. No action required.

    In either case, Microsoft will provide you with an exam voucher should you
    need or choose to re-take the exam in its live form.

    If you were registered for 71-623, you will receive an exclusive invitation
    to re-register on approximately March 15.

    How to participate in the second beta.

    All candidates will receive an invitation to re-take the beta(s) via e-mail
    from Microsoft, with an exclusive 72 hour window to register before the
    invitation is distributed more broadly. If you choose to retake the beta,
    please register immediately upon receiving your invitation. Here is when to
    expect your invitation.

    Beta Invite
    Beta Start
    Live Date

    March 22
    March 29
    May 17

    March 9
    March 16
    May 10

    Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

    However you choose to proceed, we would like to offer you an exam voucher
    for use on any of the related Vista exams (70-620, 70-621, 70-622, 70-623,
    or 70-624) in recognition of your valuable time and contribution to
    Microsoft Certification. Microsoft Learning respects your time and sincerely
    appreciates your participation in our exam development process; we regret
    any inconvenience to our customers due to our mistake. Instructions on how
    to claim your free exam voucher will be sent to you in your beta re-take
    invitation(s); see table above for dates.

    Once again, we appreciate your participation in the beta process and hope
    you will continue to partner with us in creating excellent Microsoft
    Certification exams. If you have any questions, please contact your Regional
    Service Center.

    Posted by
    Andy Barkl, Mar 3, 2007
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