An Open Letter To Microsoft Corp

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Tim Dale, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Tim Dale

    Tim Dale Guest

    It is with some urgency that I implore you to take action against the so
    called, MCNGP.
    These people are intent on driving away would be MCP's, and handing them
    straight into the arms of our competitors; remember, we need as many MCP's
    as we can get in order to stay ahead of our competitors. So, if the MCNGP
    people continue to harass newbie's, and other would be MCP's, it will not be
    long before our competitors over take us in numbers, this we must not allow
    to happen.

    Thank you for your time

    Jim Dale
    Senior help desk support technician (for an Microsoft Partner)
    Tim Dale, Oct 9, 2006
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  2. Tim Dale

    Frisbee® Guest

    Frisbee®, Oct 9, 2006
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  3. Tim Dale

    JaR Guest

    Oh yippeee! We haven't had an "Open Letter To Microsoft" for a few weeks.

    So good of you to make the effort, however, Tim. The folks at MS have had
    many, many, letters, e-mails, news articles, nude maniacs standing in the
    middle of Redmond Way screaming bloody murder about the thugs of the MCNGP
    mafia berating newbies and chasing away potential MCP's.

    If you had chosen to lurk a bit, and see what we actually do before
    unzipping in public and peeing in our living room, you would have either:

    A] seen that you were completely wrong and possibly even applied for


    2] become so revolted that you would have declared yourself an arch-enemy
    of the MCNGP and the forces of light, good, and anti-dumping, and taken
    the time to be a truly entertaining troll, that we could at least have
    some fun with.
    What competitors? The noobs you reference aren't aware that there are
    other operating systems, let alone servers. Fsck, most of the noobs that
    post in here couldn't tell you the difference between an blade server and
    a toaster! You do, don't you? Know the diff, I mean? Ghods, I hope I'm
    talking to someone with some clue. Don't laugh, with spell checkers &
    whatnot, some of the goofiest idiots have managed to sound
    semi-intelligent at first, but they always give themselves away, as they
    can't keep up a rational conversation.
    You are telling MICROSOFT to remember this? Teach your grandfather to suck
    eggs, why doncha? Microsoft is busily selling off as many certs as it can
    run off its presses. In fact, they have sold so many of the freaking
    things that they barely have any meaning anymore. Take yourself, for
    example. If your sig is correct, and I have no reason to believe it is
    not, you are a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. And yet you work on a
    helldesk. Yes, yes, Senior help desk. Very nice. You are supposedly a
    certified sysadmin, but you work on a helldesk. So nice that MS has
    flooded the market with all those certs, ain't it?

    Assuming, that you really do know your stuff, and you worked and studied
    your butt off for those certs, doesn't it tick you off that the best job
    you could get with them was manning the phone firewall?

    It would do more than tick me off, was I you.
    Well, bucko, we've been harassing newbie...just as an aside, when you use
    an apostrophe like that, it is intended to show posession, so one wants to
    ask; newbie's what?...sorry, pet peeve and all that...newbies in here for
    many years. So far, we have not managed to precipitate the fall of
    Microsoft. In point of fact, there are Microsofties among our ranks (Hi
    Ben!) as well as a couple of MCTs and Partners.

    *Sigh* I don't know why I bother. Just bored, I guess, but you are most
    welcome. Hope you stick around, put in your $.02 worth from time to time,
    feel free to answer any of those no0b questions you think are worth the
    effort, while you are at it. Join in and have some fun, or flame away and
    give the rest of us a reason to hang out in here, it gets boring checking
    back in here and just finding a "just passed 70-XXX" or "How many
    questions on..." post.

    You guys kill me. "MCSE, MCP" LOL!
    JaR, Oct 9, 2006
  4. Tim Dale

    BD [MCNGP] Guest

    This guy AGAIN?!?! He must have an automatic email sent out once every 3
    months that produces this cheaply made form letter (that nobody reads

    He obviously doesn't know anything about us or our affiliations.
    BD [MCNGP], Oct 10, 2006
  5. Tim Dale

    BD [MCNGP] Guest

    I'm REALLY curious here as to which of the twins wrote that letter. Was is
    Jim Dale, or Tim Dale? I think he's had that SAME EXACT mistake in the past,
    which leads me to believe it's a form letter that the morAn has sent out
    once ever 3 months or so.

    Same goes for AN Microsoft Partner....really I don't wonder how the guy made
    it to Senior Help 'anything'...unless that's the title they give to anyone
    over the age of 65.
    BD [MCNGP], Oct 10, 2006
  6. Tim Dale

    BD [MCNGP] Guest

    Tim....Jim.....whatever your name is.

    Turn off the 'Form Letter' and get back to reality.
    the "SO CALLED... MCNGP, huh?" ok, so we REALLY aren't MCNGP, we just like
    to call ourselves that.
    #1, who is 'OUR' competitors? I presume you DON'T work for M$, or you would
    have written Billy G an email and walked it to his desk. And well, if you
    don't work for M$, then just how can it be 'OUR' competitors?

    #2, Are we not all in this together? Can I NOT go over and get a Cisco
    Certification, or a 3COM Certification, or an AVAYA Certification if I want?

    #3, Who are these 'would be' MCPs? Are they people that YOU would employ?
    Are they people that YOU would let run your networks...oh, I'm sorry, phone
    systems? C'mon man, these people are asking some of the lamest questions
    ever seen....and it's not even so much that the questions are's
    more of the fact that it's damb obvious that they didn't do a SINGLE BIT of
    research to get where they are at on the problem/issue.
    Like JaR pointed out, you really should have stayed in school and played
    with your english structure a bit more. IOW....Finish your sentences
    man..... newbie's 'WHAT'?? MCP's 'WHAT'?? Out with it man...spit it
    out...just one little noun.....newbie's CAR....newbie's BAR....newbie's

    You're welcome Tim.....uh....Jim....ah, whatever the fsuk your name is, I
    enjoyed our time together, but next week we'll have to limit it to only 30
    minutes, I have better things to do with my life than counsil your sorry
    BD [MCNGP], Oct 10, 2006
  7. Tim Dale

    Montreal MCT Guest

    Yeah... or you COULD just ask them to be nicer... Nah, it's soo much easier
    to take action against them... Anyone up on proper firing squad procedured?

    MDG, MCT
    MCSA (2003), MCSA (2000), MCDST.
    MVP, Windows Server - Customer Experience
    Certified Small Business Specialist
    Visit my blog at
    Montreal MCT, Oct 10, 2006
  8. Tim Dale

    kpg Guest

    As Montreal MCT once said in microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse
    I would prefer to choose my own form of capital punishment.

    Perhaps being licked to death by Eva Longoria.
    kpg, Oct 10, 2006
  9. Tim Dale

    Frisbee® Guest

    I like the way you think.

    But believe it or not (and I can't really explain it) I'd rather suffer the
    same from Brie (Marcia something, the red-head).
    Frisbee®, Oct 10, 2006
  10. Tim Dale

    kpg Guest

    As Frisbee® once said in microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse
    I like Brie with pears, and sometimes apples. Of course, peanut
    butter is good with apples too. I'll bet Marcia Cross (Bree)
    covered in peanut butter would be pretty good too.


    PS - Gators are looking pretty good, I hate to say.
    kpg, Oct 10, 2006
  11. Tim Dale

    Frisbee® Guest

    I wasn't going to say anything until you did... since I don't recall you
    rubbing it in last year.

    Definitely one of the strangest games I've ever watched. First, we had all
    kinds of bad luck, but then that bad karma seemed to shift to your team.
    Frisbee®, Oct 10, 2006
  12. Tim Dale

    Jtyc Guest

    I agree.
    Jtyc, Oct 10, 2006
  13. Tim Dale

    kpg Guest

    As Jtyc once said in microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse
    No you don't.
    kpg, Oct 10, 2006
  14. You would have to start that... wouldn't you. Why don't you just break into
    some puns while you are at it. I figure you have a better chance without
    Neil to challenge you...
    Keyboard Cowboy, Oct 10, 2006
  15. Tim Dale

    kpg Guest

    As Keyboard Cowboy once said in microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse
    Somebody got up on the wrong side of the keybaord this morning.
    kpg, Oct 10, 2006
  16. Tim Dale

    Jtyc Guest

    No you don't.

    I agree with your disagreement.
    Jtyc, Oct 10, 2006
  17. lol... nah... don't get much of a chance to post anymore... working from
    home today. us programmers get to do that you know. Have to get in my jabs
    while I can.
    Keyboard Cowboy, Oct 10, 2006
  18. --

    no you don't
    Keyboard Cowboy, Oct 10, 2006
  19. Tim Dale

    Jtyc Guest

    no you don't

    Just... Shut up! You try to confuse.
    Jtyc, Oct 10, 2006
  20. Tim Dale

    kpg Guest

    As Keyboard Cowboy once said in microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse
    As a fellow programmer, I understand.

    You, me, and Frisbee need to start a clique.
    kpg, Oct 10, 2006
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