Americans, your Doctor Who books are illegal

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by radioguy, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    Your Doctor Who books are illegal. At least according to the MPAA
    shills in the dvd nrewsgroups and elsewhere
    on the internet.

    I myself personally disagree with the MPAA shills since I was taught
    the opposite in school.

    However, the MPAA shills havealready said that federal U.S. judges
    havealready ruled that the MPAA shills
    are correct.

    If that so, since it's a federal ruling, your Doctor Who books are
    indeed illegal.

    Vigin Books never sold the publishng rights to a U.S. publisher. They
    distributed their own product in the U.S. theirselves.

    The MPAA shills claim that is illegal since by doing so, you are
    guilty of stealing money from an American publisher who might buy the
    American rights to publish Virgin Doctor Who books sometie in the

    The same goes for the current BBC Doctor Who books being sold in the

    Since the BBC is distributing their own product in the U.S.
    theirselves, according to the MPAA shills, you are guilty of stealing
    money from an American publisher who might sometime in the future
    decide to buy American
    pblishing rights for Doctor Who books.

    According to the MPAA shills, federal U.S. judges have already
    convicted people for doing so since it is a
    violation of copyright law. (according to the mpaa shills)

    Buying directly from the copyright owner when the copyright owner has
    not sold publishing rights to a company
    in your country is illegal according to the mpaa shills, since it is
    stealing money from whatever company in yor
    country might sometime in the future decide to buy the publishing
    rights for your company.

    I learned in school that it is completely legal for Americans to buy a
    product from anywhere in the world as long as it is published by the
    legitimate copyright holder at the time you buy it.
    And can then sell it to anyone in the U.S. whenever you decide to sell

    However, the MPAA shills claim the opposite and even said ffedeal U.S.
    judges havve ruled te opposite and have convicted people who bought
    from a legitimate copyrght holder at the time they bought it and then
    sold it used later.
    published by the current copyright holder no matter where in the world
    the legitimate copyright holder is.

    I will no longer support any MPAA products, if I can help it.

    However the problem with that is the MPAA shills in the dvd newsgroups
    have already claimed that that is
    illegal also.

    the MPAA shills in the newsgroup specifically claimed that it is
    against the law if you (Americans) don't buy
    any MPAA dvds when the MPAA puts them ot for sale in the stores and
    you decide to go without having
    the dvd title at all.

    yes, the MPAA shills claimed that going without having any MPAA dvd
    titles at all is a federal crime since by doing so, you are stealing
    profits from them that they would have otherwise made if you had
    bought the MPAA dvd titles istead of deciding to not have any dvds of
    those titles at all!!!!!!!!!
    radioguy, Jan 17, 2009
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  2. radioguy

    Tartarus Guest

    You might be more believable if you had provided some evidence of your

    Tartarus, Jan 17, 2009
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  3. radioguy

    Vandar Guest

    And not used the term "shills" a dozen times.
    Vandar, Jan 17, 2009
  4. radioguy

    GeekBoy Guest

    Uh, moron, MPAA has to do with FILM, not printed material.
    GeekBoy, Jan 17, 2009
  5. radioguy

    awthrawthr Guest

    If you want a real Doctor Who book get The Doctor Who Cures Cancer. ;-)
    awthrawthr, Jan 18, 2009
  6. radioguy

    Kent Wills Guest

    I think the OP was using Doctor Who as a means to point out
    possible hypocrisy by the MPAA.
    Kent Wills, Jan 18, 2009
  7. radioguy

    GeekBoy Guest

    Guess you can't read either.

    "Americans, your Doctor Who *********books********* are illegal"
    GeekBoy, Jan 18, 2009
  8. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    Actually, I think they can with the dvds. The BBC sold Warner Brothers
    the rights to publish the Doctor Who dvds in the U.S.

    However, the Doctor Who books being sold in the U.S. are directly by
    the BBC theirselves.

    There's no American company listed as any publishers of the books.

    And there doesn't have to be.

    The BBC is the copyright owner of Doctor Who.

    On the other hand with the dvds, I have heard something about the
    original copyright owner needs to be present in the lawsuit to win, so
    you might
    be correct about the MPAA not being able to get involved with it.

    However, posters supporting the mpaa's position have said federal U.S.
    judges have already ruled in favor of the mpaa in such cases.

    However, I have never seen or heard any of those so-called cases
    mentioned anywhere else, not on the tv news, not on the radio news,
    not in the
    newspapers, etcetera.
    radioguy, Jan 18, 2009
  9. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    Yes. That is exactly what I was doing. Our friends in the U.K. know
    the hypocrisy of the mpaa even if their government doesn't. Or do they

    Our friends in Australia and New Zealand, including their governments
    know the hypocrisy of the mpaa and have made laws against region

    The U.S. government seems to not yet have realized the hypocrisy of
    the MPAA.

    I'm not sure if Canada's government realized it yet or not.

    Maybe some of our friends from Canada can chip in on that one.
    radioguy, Jan 18, 2009
  10. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    I'll have to disagree here. There are musicians who make their own
    music without signing any contract with the RIAA,BMI.ASCAP, or anyone
    else, and
    then make their music available for free download.

    Some charge for the downloads.

    So I would say it's legal.

    However, all yor points are good as I have read that the RIAA was
    either trying to get some law passed or did get some law passed
    requiring all
    music played and downloaded on and from the internet to go through the
    RIAA and all royaslties from it to go to the RIAA even if the
    musicians never signed a contract with the RIAA and did not want to
    sign any contract with the RIAA.

    You're correct. It's not just the MPAA. It's the RIAA also/
    radioguy, Jan 18, 2009
  11. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    Okay, try this one on for size:

    The MPAA shills are basically saying that because I bought the Doctor
    Who videos from Fox here in the U.S. back in the 1980's, that I am
    guilty of having illegal contraband and guilty of stealing money from
    Warner Brothers since tweny five years after I bought them from Fox,
    Warner Brothers decided to buy the rights to distribute the Doctor Who
    videos in the U.S.

    After all, Warner Brothers isn't making any profit from the Doctor Who
    videos that I bought frfom Fox which they would have made otherwise if
    I had
    never bought the Doctor Who programs from Fox twenty five years before
    Warner Brothers decided to buy the U.S. rights.

    It's MPAA hypocrisy at it's worst.

    Or is that MPAA hypocrisy at it's best?

    Because the MPAA hypocrisy can get even worse than that.
    radioguy, Jan 18, 2009
  12. radioguy

    radioguy Guest

    Okay. here's how bad the MPAA hypocrisy gets. So far.

    The MPAA shills have already said that not buying MPAA products when
    the MPAA puts them out for sale in the stores and going completely
    withot them is illegal and stealing money from them since they're not
    making any profits from them that they wold have otherwise made if you
    had bought the
    product instead of going completely without it.

    So if we go by what the MPAA shills have said, then

    Not buying the Doctor Who programs when Fox put them out is stealing
    money from Fox and you are guilty of illegal theft.

    But buying them from Fox whenFox put them out is stealing money from
    Warner Brothers and you are guilty of theft, since Warner Brothers
    to buy the American rights twenty five years after you bought the
    programs from Fox.

    You can see how this also applies to buying straight from the BBC when
    they are the only distributors, and an MPAA company buys the American
    rights twenty five years later.

    Such as if the BBC had sold the Doctor Who dvds as all region discs
    and then twenty five years later, some American MPAA company buys
    the American rights to them and puts them out as region 1 coded dvds.

    Then they claim you stole money from them by buying it directly from
    the foreign original copyright owner twenty five years later.

    And yes, there are such usenet posts claiming such.

    They just haven't claimed it with Doctor Who yet, as far as I know.

    Maybe that's why the people looking couldn't find any posts saying

    Try searchng for dvds and region coding without mentioning Doctor Who
    in the search.

    I'm sure you will come across plenty of posts claiming that such is

    As I said in my first post in this thread, I disagree with the MPAA
    position and I think it is legal to buy directly from the foreign
    copyright owner
    when teh foreign copyright owner is the only copyright owner of it in
    the whole world at the time you buy it.

    Although the MPAA shills disagree. You will find plenty of their

    I think it's legal, because after all, you never know what the future

    hmmm... I thought the word shill is in the dictionary. Although I
    might be wrong about that. I have seen so many people on usenet use it
    that I did
    not realize it might be slang of some sort.
    radioguy, Jan 18, 2009
  13. radioguy

    seeyoula123 Guest

    seeyoula123, Jan 19, 2009
  14. radioguy

    US 71 Guest

    Why don't you tell all the lawyers to grow up?

    They can't make any $$ that way ;)
    US 71, Jan 19, 2009
  15. Cry us a river. Doctor Who has come fool circle, and he passed you by on
    that round too.

    You are like the dog that gets fooled when the master fakes the throw.

    The Cycles Of Time will likely circle around on you again...
    StickThatInYourPipeAndSmokeIt, Jan 20, 2009
  16. You mean like when one of the retards charges $15 to fax you something?
    UltimatePatriot, Jan 20, 2009
  17. radioguy

    US 71 Guest


    I had a cyberstalker and knew exactly who it was. Lawyer wanted $600 to send
    them a "cease & desist" letter.
    US 71, Jan 20, 2009
  18. radioguy

    anthony Guest

    Basically, this thread is correct. Doctor Who is illegal as it's
    against the law to use more than three bodies in a single lifetime. I
    think he's up to 8 or 9.
    anthony, Feb 6, 2009
  19. radioguy

    anthony Guest

    Ah ha ... that makes sense. So we have another possible 840 years of
    BBC Dr Who productions in front of us. Better do a Gilgamesh and
    embark on that quest for eternal life .......
    anthony, Feb 8, 2009
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